Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, July 31, 2009

Four Days Since Exposed-No Symptoms!

Well, we could be dodging this one, too. (pray, pray, pray; hope, hope, hope; cross my fingers!)

According to the CDC site, the incubation period for Swine Flu is about 1-4 days. It can be up to 7 days for young children. So, today is day four. Monday will be day seven. Obviously, I'll feel better once we get past Monday with no symptoms. I'll feel like we dodged it this time around. The thing is, apparantly young children can be contagious a day before the symptoms appear. So, perhaps today is day 5?!?! Hope so.

Anyway, no offense to Grandma and Grandpa, but we're not going to bring Aidan around them until Tuesday. Although he is continuing to go to Preschool and we will get to church this Sunday (finally), I just can't risk possible exposure to them!

So, say a pray with me that we'll stay symptom free through Monday!

Oh, and Aidan is showing signs of learning how to read, already. During breakfast he "read" Go Dog Go to me. I think he knows about 90% of it by heart! I was loving having him "read" it to me, too! My first book was Green Eggs and Ham, so this seems really appropriate to me!

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