Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New school, new experiences

Aidan started preschool on Monday. So far, so good! He didn't cry when I dropped him off on Monday--I did stay with him for about 15 minutes or so to make sure he felt comfortable--but he started to cry a little on Tuesday, and then Wednesday he really cried. It bothers me, but I know he's okay. He cried a little at nap time on Monday and Tuesday, but not at all on Wednesday.

Aside from the crying, I know he is having a good time there and is already learning some new, and good, things. About 95% of his day is now structured. There are about 14 total children in his class with 3 caretakers--pretty good, I think! And, at the end of each day I get a "report card" telling me what he ate, when he slept, his demeanor, things he liked, what he did, and even when he went to the potty! I'm loving that!

Two additional side benefits of this change is that he is eating all of his breakfast and dinner now! On Monday, it was like pulling teeth as usual at breakfast, but by Wednesday, he scarfed down his food. . .he no longer gets a second breakfast at Daycare! And, because his afternoon snack happens at 3:00 instead of 4:30, he is ready for dinner between 5:00 and 5:30! I really like that. . .

And, he's been ready for bed much earlier. Monday was a little rough--we had been staying up very late at the beach--but he was ready at 8:00 on Tuesday. I think he was ready that early on Wednesday, too, but we had to do some additional laundry. . .

About that additional laundry--Apparantly, a couple of children and a teacher at the center were discovered to have lice. Yikes!! Day 3 in our new place and already a VERY BIG issue!! But, they weren't in Aidan's class and, in fact, don't have anything to do with his class. . .whew!! But, everything had to come home and be washed. So, we had additional laundry to do and, thus, we didn't get to bed until 9:00. Could have been worse!

On September 8th, Aidan will transition into the 3 year old class (they move them all at the same time, just like they will do it when they start school). At that time, his time will be structured a little different into more learning time. I can't wait to see how he likes that!

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Tiger & Kar said...

Congratulations on the new school Aidan! It's hard to believe he's in pre-k. Where has time gone?!