Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jumping into the Deep End of the Pool

Week two of our new school and things are going really really good. . .even with a couple of BIG ISSUES. Aidan is no longer crying when I drop him off and is really loving his structured time. He is playing with the children really well, is very attentive and helpful, and is super polite. Our training was taking even though I didn't think it was! And, as an added bonus, he has been soooo good in the evenings! He is eating his dinner, is polite, helpful and his whiny times are limited to a minute or two--hardly any timeouts this week. It's really great!

So, about those issues:

Week one is was the Lice. No big deal. No sign of them on our boy! Of course. ; )

Week two, and this is a biggie, Swine Flu. Yes, that's right, Swine Flu. There has been one confirmed case, as of yesterday, at the school. And, to make it even more fun, the child is in Aidan's class!

The best defense is a good offense: Wash our hands allllllll the time!

We didn't think we had to worry about flu of any kind until fall. That's a little worrisome. But, to be philosophical about it, we'll hope for the best; be prepared for the worst; if Aidan gets the Swine flu, then we will have that immunity built up; if Aidan doesn't get it, then we'll get the vaccine this fall.

Nothing like jumping into the deep end of the pool!

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Troy and Rachel said...

Kids seem to stay sick the first year or so at school. Daniel's been the same. They know how to pass it back and forth! Hopefully you all will stay well. Take care!