Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 233rd Birthday America!

Well, our mini-vacation is drawing to a close. But, we still have fun and excitement before we head home tomorrow. Tonight, as you are all aware, we will celebrate our Nations 233rd Anniversary of Independence from British rule.

Our plans are pretty simple this year:

We will head out for a nice seafood dinner--Blue crab stuffed in flounder or shrimp with sides of hush puppies and cole slaw and something cold and frosty to drink. Then we'll head back to the hotel to pack our bags with sweaters and socks and scarlet leaves of gold and a frog, who is a particular friend and then head out to the beach, avoiding the tide that could wash us out to sea, and watch the fireworks from our beach chairs in the sand. What fun!

This trip has been great as a trial run for our big vacation that starts one week from today! We will head back to the beach for a full week and we know now what we really need, and what we don't, and how to plan our days (around a much needed nap in the afternoon!).

And, before we go, Mommy is going to get a new Blackberry. . .it didn't make it. sigh. Fortunately, all of the pictures from Kras and Moscow had already been downloaded, if not deleted. I'll make new memories. . . and I'm sure it was really time to move on. . .but I am sure going to miss being able to pull out my Blackberry and see my little dudely as he was, is and will be! Yes, I will get another Blackberry. I have taken loads of pictures this weekend, but you all have to wait to see them! If my Blackberry had made it, I could post pictures whenever and from any computer. . .sigh, again. . .

But, anyway! Happy Independence Day you all! Here's to another 233 years!


Tamara said...

Oh man that sea food dinner sounds fabulous! We just don't get that here in the midwest. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

Joy said...

That stinks that the Blackberry did not make it.

Troy and Rachel said...

Sounds like you all had a great mini vacation with good food and lots of fun - minus the Blackberry incident. Glad you had downloaded your Russia photos!!

Have a safe trip home.