Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, January 25, 2010

Four Wheelin', Arm Update, Naps, Lessons, and a Big Milestone Coming. . .

I took some really cute video of my little Dudely riding around the yard and pipestem on his Fourwheeler. . .Can't seem to get it to upload though!! As soon as I do, you all will see it. . .But, for now, I'm sure you can see what a dare devil I have on my hands!!

My arm is getting better every day. Not many moments of pain at all anymore. Today I got back on the treadmill and did a half hour of fast walking. . .it will be a while until I can do a run again--I don't want to jar my arm!! But, at least I'm moving again. Next Monday I go back and the cast will be taken off so the pins can be checked. I'll get a new cast then. I'll likely have the cast about 8 weeks post surgery. A bummer, but at least it's not summer!!

We've started the process of weaning the nap. We're trying for an eight o'clock bed time as opposed to the nine thirty or ten o'clock that has been happening! Mommy and Daddy can't handle that. . .so far, Aidan is handling it really well. I mean really, really well. Surprisingly so! What a good boy he is! I've got a "Quiet Time" bag he takes to school and he does stuff from that for a while, postponing his fall asleep time. We can keep him busy during weekends.

Swimming lessons and ice skating lessons continue. Aidan is doing phenominally well in both. I'll be signing him up for Spring soccer tomorrow. Never thought I would do that! He'll likely do that along with ice skating and then do nothing over the summer.

I finally found a good webste for travel with Dual Citizen children. . It's pretty clear we can travel anywhere on the US passport alone except Russia. That one we will need the Russian passport and an affidavit saying he is a permanent citizen of the US. We also don't want to go to Russia between his ages of 18 to 27!! Forced Conscription. . .

I realized the other day that March 8th, the date of our next Post Placement is also the date that Aidan will have been with us as long as he had been in the orphanage. . .we will have reached that magical half-way mark. Thereafter he will forever have been with us longer. . .I know that may sound goofy, but it matters to me!


God's Girl said...

I know what you mean about the length of time we have our sweet ones in the home vs. baby house.

Your little guy is precious. We are getting ready to start the process of adopting again from Russia.

Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

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