Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good and Bad Stuff

Well, I will be having surgery on my arm on Friday. . .The radius has multiple fractures and is just shy of being considered shattered. I will either get some pins, or a plate. Fun! But, then I'll be on the road to healing. . .

This has been good. . .and bad. . .for Aidan. Good in that he has been super helpful to Mommy lately and has been learning to dress himself a lot more. Bad in that Mommy can't pick him up and hold him these days. I can have him get in my lap, but I can't pick him up. : ( I'm hoping once I have the surgey and am on the road to recovery, I'll be able to move about more.

I did talk my houskeeper into coming an extra time this week so that is one less thing!

A little something about Aidan's school: they have started a new program where the children "earn" stickers for good behavior. When told about this, I had to ask, "How many children are in this class now? Because this is a symptom of a lot of chidrren. . " The answer 24! How many until it is considered full? 24 (3 teachers-8 per teacher). I'm not sure how I feel about ths since I'm no longer getting status reports for Aidan. Actually, I think I'm troubled by this. . .I'll see what happens. . .if Aidan doesn't get a prize at the end of the week, I'll have to talk to the Director about this because I would like to know Aidan is actually learning in this class. . .that they aren't spending all of their time on behavior.

Meanwhile, we are on week two of swimming lessons and have completed our first ice skating class for this session. Both of these are without Mommy or Daddy, and he is doing great!!

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