Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quiet Week???

It's been a very quiet week. . .thanks be to God!

I stayed home on Monday in order to rest and keep my arm elevated and iced. It did wonders!! I was able to go back to work on Tuesday and each day I have felt better and stronger. I go back to the doctor today and am hoping to be able to at least walk and possibly do some low impact floor exercises--gotta stop the spread! : )

Aidan had a cold, which I had checked out by the pediatrician--a little paranoid after last year!! It was as suspected, a cold. No sinus infection or ear infection. Yea! Still glad I had it checked!!

Pat put up the drapes in the Office and the new desk arrived last Saturday. It's reaaly starting to look nice in there! I love it! I'm hoping to get the materials for the book shelves this weekend so I can get the books--albeit one handed!--out of the Living Room. When the shelves are up, I'll post Before and After pictures. You won't believe the difference!

Today is Pat's birthday. After my doctors appointment, we'll all meet up at Grandma and Grandpa's for a nice dinner followed by cupcakes--Aidan's choice! Aidan and I are giving him a weekend fishing trip off the coast of Virginia Beach with a friend. He's more than earned it with all of these projects he's done around here!!

Aidan has been having a difficult time going to bed at night. I'm sure it's because he doesn't really need the nap anymore. He is closing in on four! But, they are still doing them at school so we suffer during the week. We have, though, begun weaning them out on the weekends.

We have our Two Year Post Placement Visit set. It will be Monday, March 8th. I can't believe we'll only have one more after that! Time sure flies when you're having fun!

We're expecting a mixed bag of snow, sleet and freezing rain today and tomorrow. . .no small trepidation here!! I never USED to be afraid of that!

Come to think of it, maybe it hasn't been such a quiet week! : )

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Troy and Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Pat! Troy would love to go fishing with you, too bad he has to work!!(LOL)

Glad Aidan is not suffering from anything worse than a cold. Hope he's feeling 100% soon!

Kristine said...

Happy Birthday Fellow Sooner FAN!

Make sure you post before and after photos of the office...I can't wait to see all your hard work!!!

Eat a cupcake for me! yum.