Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Surgery, Four Day Weekends, Crazy Kiddo, And An IA Request

My surgery was successful--thanks for the prayers. . .I had a left closed reduction of the distal radius and two pins put in. My cast is a short one and freed up my elbow, fingers and thumb, all of which were immobilized up till then. I'm so excited about having more mobility!! The out-patient surgery folks at Landsdowne
were fantastic!

A clear canvas upon which I will have Aidan put his name and draw pictures of dinosaurs!

Yeasterday was Lee-Jackson day here in Virginia. Yes, I know, they were Confederates. . .but, they were Virginians and remain today Virginia's favorite sons! I remember having the Monday off from school for Lee-Jackson Day. After I graduated, Reagan signed into law that we should commemorate Martin Luther King on his birthday. In their infinte wisdom, Virginia began celebrating Lee-Jackson-King day. Yes, a bit ironic, eh? I remember not starting the Spring semester in college until after Lee-Jackson-King day. Thus it stayed from 1983 until, in 2000, someone finally wised up to the incongruity of Lee-Jackson-King day. . .And so, most local governments, courts and municiple buildings are closed on Friday for Lee-Jackson day and on Monday for Martin Luther King day. Nice four day weekend Virginians! : )

Aidan got a cute Cars flashlight in his stocking. . .he turns it on allllll the time. The other night, we were leaving his room after getting his Jamas on. The lights were off and he had his flashlight. . .he came out and, turning the flashlight on, shined it down the hall into our bedroom and said in a low newsman sort of voice, " There it is, Mommy and Daddy's bedroom." He then bounded down the stairs while I wiped the tears of laughter off my face!! What a crazy kid!

Finally, Okay all you IA people, what do we do to travel with our dual citizen (Russia-American) child with two passports?? We want to possibly go to Mexico this summer and I want to do it legally, but the State Department website isn't very helpful. Any tips out there??


Matt and Carla Morgan said...

Unless you're traveling to Russia, always use his US passport! If you're traveling to Russia with him, you're legally required to use his Russian passport.

Hope this helps. And, I hope you have a lovely trip.

Heal quickly :)


Troy and Rachel said...

I would have been cracked up to if Daniel had done the same with the flashlight!!

My understanding is the same as the comment above - always use his US passport since he is a US citizen.

If you go to Russia I thought you traveled to Russia on his Russian passport and back to the US on his US passport - but don't hold me to that portion!