Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back To The Routine. . .

And so, we're back to the routine tomorrow. . . I've only worked 3 days in the past two weeks. . .with the holiday and weather closings, I've really gotten used to being home! It has been nice, but we really need to get back to our routine and tomorrow is it!

Aidan hasn't been napping very well nor has he been going to bed very well. I know it's because we have gotten so out of our habits over the past couple of weeks. Tomorrow morning I'll be waking him early and off to school he'll go. Then, we start swimming lessons in the evening. I can't wait to see how he does with that! It will be his first time in the pool without mommy or daddy. . .

Our weather has been strangely very wintery lately. Yes, I know, it IS winter. But, truthfully, over the last few years, our winters have been pretty mild. A few bad days here and there, but nothing like this. The wind picked up yesterday afternoon and has been howling ever since. With temperatures hovering just below 20 degrees, it felt distinctly Siberian this morning when I let the dogs out. VERY COLD!!

Today, after working on it for an entire week, we finally removed the last item from our Office. We're in the process of redoing the entire room: newpaint, new floors, new baseboards, and new curtains. . .and new bookshelves and a new desk. I took before pictures and am taking during pictures and will take after pictures. What a lot of stuff accumulated!! Crazy!! I started shredding the other day and have been at it since. Today I came up and said to Pat that it might be easier to fire up the fireplace and start feeding old papers in there. . .he mentioned something about the outside Chiminea--dark look--me and the VERY COLD ouside are not meeting on this day!

Aidan is bored out of his mind so now we are taking a break for the remainder of the evening ( we're out of caulk, white paint for the ceiling and trim, and rollers so not much to do on the project) and so we're getting the family together for games in the basement.

See ya later!!

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