Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, January 14, 2011

Bob Books: A New Frontier

Aidan completed his first Bob Book!  He did it in just under two weeks, which isn't bad.  I think he'll pick up the pace once he gets used to the sounds that each letter is supposed to make--not that we haven't worked on this before, but it is now in a whole new context.

His teacher sent the completed book home yesterday and we are to try and read it a few times a week with Aidan.  Or rather, he is to read it to us.  Here is our first attempt from last night:

It's really cute and simple.  The sentences are two or three words long and consist of "Mat sat."  Or "Mat and Sam".  And "Sam sat."  I think it works on just a couple of sounds at a time.  I know the tag books Grandma and Grandpa got him will help with this as well!

Here is the first completed book:
I'm so excited for Aidan!  It's a whole new adventure for him!

In other school news, Aidan is learning about Space right now and has indicated he wants to be a "Space Man" when he grows up.  He really love learning about the planets, stars, and all of the Rocket ships that go to space!

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sonflowerjax said...

wow! amazing! And to think back at all those negative "futuristic" learning problems you had heard of just a few years ago...see how much difference a loving mama and papa can make! :) Love it!