Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Partners In Education

I have always believed that education begins in the home.  And I take it seriously that, now as a parent, I am a partner in education for my son.  A partner that consists of the teacher, myself and Pat.  We are a team with the goal of providing Aidan with the best possible education. 

We chose Aidan's Preschool, Winwood, with his history in mind.  Having been told that he would likely have difficulties and knowing how advanced the education system is in our county, we took time and care in our selection process.  So far, we have not been disappointed.  Aidan is learning things that are absolutely amazing.  He can count to twenty in Spanish and knows his colors in Spanish as well; he understands the concept of gravity and loves the planets and outerspace.  He is learning simple math and has weekly lessons on music, daily lessons on the computer, and is encouraged to be a free thinker.  And he is defying the early prognosis of having learning difficulties.  Love it!

I try to stay in contact with Aidan's teacher, if not on a daily basis, then as often as I can.  Pat forgets to ask questions, so he usually doesn't know unless he is told--in fact, love him dearly, he usually has to be reminded to get things out of Aidan's cubby to bring them home!  : ) 

When I found out--Pat told me--that Aidan had started the Bob Books, I was a little surprised that I didn't know because I try to talk to Aidan's teacher so often.  So, I pointedly asked her the next day how it was going.  Her response should have given me a heads up, but it didn't.  She said, "I'm not concerned about Aidan's progress.  He is doing fine."  I let it go.

A week later, Aidan came home with his first Bob Book, completed and signed by his teacher saying "Good job!  I'm proud of you!"  He was so excited and immediately sat down and read it to us. . .Twice!!  Good boy!  He really is sounding things out, too.  It's awesome!

So, I was a little surprised, taken aback. . .okay kind of mad. . .when the next day we got his Bi-weekly Progress Report and at the bottom his teacher wrote, "Aidan doesn't show much interest in the Bob Books."  What?!?!?  Really?  Two weeks into this and now she tells me this, even though I had pointedly asked how it was going???? And, given how he had acted when he came home with the book it was a big surprise.  I don't like surprises when it comes to Aidan's eduction. . .that partnership in education thing, ya know??

So, I will be taking this Progress Report with me tomorrow when I drop Aidan off and I will ask her to explain.  I will also make sure she understands my thoughts about being "partners" in this process and that I don't necessarily want to wait two weeks to find out Aidan is struggling/showing a lack of interest/or doesn't want to do something.  Especially when it comes to reading. 

Whew!!  All aired out. . .thanks for listening!


Joy said...

Oh Stacy,
So funny you write about this. I have not said this on my blog before because I have family members who read it who know Anna's teacher. I get the distinct feeling Anna's teacher really does not like her. The teacher's aid on the other hand loves her. I am considering a change but I am still not sure.

So at the beginning of the year I got a communication log. I too drop off Anna and pick her up. In the log she says that she does not get to see me much...big Hmmm!

I am sure you will get to the bottom of this situation.

sonflowerjax said...

Oh man! I am anxious to hear how the talk this morning went!!