Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, January 31, 2011

Back To Work To Catch My Breath!

Whew!!!  What a weekend!!  Did one actually occurr????  : )

Really, it was so incredibly busy.  Pat worked late every night the second half of the week due to the residuals from the storm we had last weekend and then had to work all weekend because he was already scheduled for that. 

Saturday evening he had plans to go see our Godson, the son of a very close friend of his, and I convinced them to take Aidan along for the ride--Aidan needed to be with his Daddy and have a break from Mama, and Mama was happy to have a few hours of quiet time. . .although they could have taken the dogs too!! 

Anyway, Saturday was my normal cleaning day so after the boys left, I started a fire, put on some good mood music, lit some candles and. . . .did our taxes!  Okay, I know.  Probably should have just sat down and done nothing, but really!  With the possibility of more bad weather, who knows when I'll have a quiet opportunity to get that done again???  It was really simple because I had taken the time to organize while we were off at Christmas and so it was only a matter of picking up the next item in the folder to enter the figures in the Turbo Tax program.  Piece of cake!  Federal and State, done!  Whew!

Sunday was no less hectic. . .Daddy headed off to work again and Aidan and I had a nice breakfast together. . .he is on an eating binge lately and had a HUGE bowl of cereal, HUGE glass of milk, and a HUGE glass of orange juice.  He finished it all without so much as a word from me!!  After church (where he had a snack of a doughnut and some fruit salad), we met Daddy at Moe's where he polished off his Quesadilla, milk, and chocolate chip cookie.  Off to Hockey, where he is doing wonderfully--more on that in a minute--and then back home where he had three bowls of sliced strawberries and two more glasses of orange juice!

Finally, we ended our day at another birthday party for a neighbor girl.  This time at Jumping Jack Sports.  Fun for the kids and the parents could sit back and watch.  After playing, the kids had pizza and cake---two slices of pizza and 1  1/2 pieces of cake for the kiddo to go along with his juice!  Really!!  Where is he putting it all???? 

But the real party fun were these funny things that kids of all ages always enjoy!!

Back home again, and Aidan polished off a chocolate bar with a glass of milk while he did his homework. . .

About the hockey. . .Aidan is really doing well.  He is learning new stances and how to skate in a different posture.  It's pretty cool to watch him evolve with this process.  And we have started a new bribe.  : )  I know how that sounds, but hear me out.  He is doing well on the Bob Books but seems to need some motivations to keep his interest going.  So, for every four books he completes, we'll be getting him a piece of the equipment he needs:  after the first four books, he'll get a hockey helmet (he's using his bike helmet now); the second set of books, he'll get the gloves and maybe a stick, because he keeps saying he wants that.  And  then the pads, and so on. . .If his feet stabalize on the growth this summer, we might even buy him his own skates. . .we are definitely looking at the inline hockey roller skates for a birthday gift, too.  And so, the bribing begins.

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