Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Questions Are Starting

We are being very open with Aidan about where he came from, etc.  However, there are still instances when I realize he is only five and doesn't really understand.  We need to sit down, Pat and I, and discuss exactly what, and how, to share Aidan's story with him.  The questions are beginning.
Last night, we were watching Charlotte's Web. . .again, for about the millionth time--we LOVE this movie!!  The Mama pig was lying there with the ten piglets feeding them.  And then there was Wilbur who could not feed.  Ten teats and eleven pigs.  Aidan pipes up and says, "Mama, is she dead?  Is that pig dead?"  No, honey.  She just had eleven babies and is now trying to feed them all.  That's why she is lying there.  "Could you not get up either when you had a baby?"  Oh.  Well.  I didn't have a baby.  "Yes, you did Mama!  Me!!!"  Oh.  Well, sweetie, we had to go and get you, and it was so exciting that, yes, I could hardly stand up.  "Okay." 

Hmmmm. . .What better thing could I have said?  Part of the problem is the whole idea of having a baby.  A five year old boy is not old enough to really understand the full concept.  But, he fully understands that he came from Russia. . .and at the same time, he sees some teachers and other mothers with large tummies and has been told that there is a baby in there.  Naturally, he is starting to want to know about himself.

I do have a couple of really good books about adoption.  One is called, "Tell Again About The Night I Was Born."  It doesn't really touch on the special nature of an International Adoption, but I might give it a try and see where it leads us.

The main thing I want Aidan to know is how much I love him.  And I have since the moment I knew about him. 

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Melissa said...

I think that is a great answer. I'm not sure how things will be when Colby starts asking those questions but I'm sure they'll start soon. We've always told him how he came from Russia and his response back,"I don't wanna go back there." NOt sure what they will actually remember but I'm sure he loves us and his home.