Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15th. . . It's Birthday Time!!!!

Whew!!  Where to begin! 

This past week I took Aidan to his Kindergarten Orientation.  It was really great.  We watched a video of what the day would be like in Kindergarten and then the children left to go on a tour of the Kindergarten Classroom, then they went for a snack of graham crackers in the cafeteria and then they went for a bus ride!  Aidan loved it!  While they were gone, the parents stayed in the auditorium and were told how to prepare our children for Kindergarten.  I had to laugh because I think Aidan is already ready and has beenf or a while.  He knows all that they would like the children to know, and a lot more!  My biggest concern is now "What if he gets bored?"  But, I think he'll be fine.  I really think it's going to turn out nicely that he will stay at Winwood for after-school care.  AND I just found out our weekly fee will go down close to $100. per week!  Woo Hoo!!! 

On Friday, I got off work a little early and took cupcakes to Aidan's Pre-K class to celebrate his birthday.  And then yesterday, Aidan, plus 20 of his closest friends, got together to celebrate at the Ashburn Ice House!!  What fun!  We had pizza and cake and then a skate lesson (which Aidan attended for about one minute before going off to skate) and then the children had about an hour and a half to skate on the ice with eachother and their parents.  I had a lot of parents telling me they loved this and may now look into lessons for their children!   If they do, I think we should get a referral discount at the rink. . .  : )

Before I leave you with pictures of the party, I will add that today, Aidan's actual fifth birthday will be another fun day of celebration.  But, this will be about family.  Pancakes and bacon for breakfast and then an early dinner with Grandma and Grandpa followed by more birthday cake and family gifts.   

Five is Fun!!

Getting hugs from my baby.

Aidan and Clay hanging out just waiting.

Bryce and Madison wanting pizza.

The cake.

Blowing out the candles!!!

Aidan and Jack cutting it up.

The children's teacher, Miss Mandy and her husband, Mr. Jonathon (he works with Pat.)

The cool Zamboni which captured the children's attention before ice time!!

Starting our lesson off the ice. . .

Learning to fall. . .

Two cuties, Charlotte and Catherine.

Jack's grin is precious!

Charlotte loving the ice!

Daddy and Mr. Jonathon.

James and his Daddy. . .what a great grin!

Our neighbor Charlotte. . .doing great Charlie!!!

The lesson continues on the ice. . .

Learning to fall and get up. . .

Cole!  What a cutie!

Hailey and her Mama. . .I think she is going to do some lessons!!

Bryce and his mama.

Madison. . .another cutie pie!!!

My little hockey puck. . .Aidan took off and really skated great!


Ben!  Awesome!!

Catherine skating on her own over to her mama. . .I think we'll be doing a Pizza and skate night with the Macoy's soon!

Our family ice time. . .

Jack says Hi!

And there goes Aidan. . .leaving us in the dust!

Happy fifth birthday sweetie pie!!  Mama and Daddy love you and are very proud of you!

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Melissa said...

Happy birthday Aidan. It looks like you had a great time. I'm happy to know I share my birthday month with such a cool kid. Mine was on the 13th!