Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Things. . .

You might think the funny little sayings would end when the little ones grow into bigger little ones.  They don't.  Here are a couple that have me smiling still:

We were driving down the road, on the way to his Daycare, when we spotted Daddy's bucket truck in the parking lot by Roy Rogers.  An excited Aidan, "LOOK!!!  THERE"S DADDY'S GREEN BUCKET TRUCK!!!"  Being the good Mama I am, I pulled the Tahoe over into the parking lot so Aidan could see his Daddy.  Aidan was ecstatic, needless to say. 

After spending a few minutes talking and laughing and exclaiming about seeing the bucket truck, we were back on our way.  While pulling back into the traffic of King Street, I heard my young son say from the backseat, "I'm rockin' it today Mama!"  : )

And then, this morning, we were driving down King Street when we spied the Green John Deere tractor that usually is parked in the park across the street.  It had a mower attached.  Aidan yelled out excitedly, "LOOK!!!  THE GREEN JOHN DEERE TRACKTOR!!!"  Yes, that's right.  "Where's he goin' Mama???"  I believe down that way.  (Pointing West on the Rt. 7 Bypass).  "No way, dude!  He's going that way!"  (Pointing East on the Rt. 7 Bypass.)  Did you just call me "Dude?"  Big grin and a nod 'yes.'  Hmmmmmm. . ..  : )

And so, here were are.  A little more than a week before he turns five and I am already faced with the daunting prospect of. .  .a new language to learn.  Kid language. . .  : )  Life could be worse!

In other news:

*we are absolutely devestated that the Caps are out of the Play Offs now.  We had such hopes!  But, there is always next year.  They really could have been so much more this year. . .
*we are now up to 19 children for Aidan's birthday party.  Tomorrow is the RSVP deadline so I expect a few more.
*we are finally getting some nice weather, Thanks be to God!!!  70 degrees today.  Yeah!  We will be getting our new roof soon. . .to replace the one damaged by all of the storms we've been having.
*I have been personally invited to a Mother's Day Tea at Aidan's School for tomorrow.  Can't wait to go!

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Joy said...

That is so cute that he saw him and wanted him right then and there. I have caught Gerard off guard like that but mostly at the ice cream stand up the street.

Where do they get the language, dude? I love it.

Okay I will admit I amdit I am diappointed for the Caps as well. Nope never watched a game but every time I saw you on FB it made me smile. "Let's go Caps". The next morning you had me looking for the scores.