Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, May 8, 2011

And Happy Mother's Day to You, Too!

When this weekend started, I thought it was going to be. . .

-cloudy and rainy the entire time.
-a lot of work.
-a lot of runnng around.
-not much of a weekend.

Boy, was I wrong!!!

Five years ago, I had no idea I would become a mother.  Ever.  We had not started our adoption process and I was still firmly in the grips of the "I'm happy as we are" mode.  Wow.  What a difference five years makes! 

Four years ago, we were in the process but had not even heard about Aidan yet. 

Three years ago, I celebrated my first ever Mothers Day.  Wow.  Did I tell you that things had changed???  Boy have they!

We have had a crazy busy weekend, but it's been good.  Really good.

This is my weekend of house cleaning and somehow, even though Pat is on the midnight shift and I had exclusive Aidan duty, I managed to finish my house work by noon yesterday.  Including laundry!  Aidan and I then ran a couple of errands and then played outside.  Today, while Pat slept, we went to Costco and then to our last Hockey lesson (Mini Mites--team hockey--starts next month).  Aidan skated great-probably the best he's ever skated, and had an awesome lesson.

Grandma and Grandpa came over for awesome steaks, potatoes and salad from the garden.  It did NOT rain and was really the perfect afternoon.  Aidan was wonderful at dinner, which was also really good.  The only fly in the ointment was Aidan complaining of a tummy ache about half way through and then needing to go lay down for a while. . .hope that's nothing!

When Grandma and Grandpa arrived (courtesy of Pat and Aidan) a beautiful bouquet of Yellow Roses (my absolute favorites!) arrived with them. . .thank you Grandpa!!!!

Pat cleared the table, with a little help from me, and did the dishes (thank you honey!!) and then we settled down for some Turtle Pie and gifts.  Aidan brought me a wonderful red bag and said I should enjoy my samage!!  LOL!!!   (Massage)

Red Door Salon does the most awesome Spa Pedicure. . .I love getting the massage and the Spa Pedicure combination and my gift card will cover that exactly. . .I think I now know what I'll do with that unscheduled half day of vacation I have!!  

And so, I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day.  May we all enjoy our children even more each year!

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