Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lotsa Stuff!!

Whew!  What a Week!! and We still have Friday to go!!!

On Monday I took Aidan to the pediatrician for his Five Year Old check up.  He is doing really well.  The doctor came in saying, So you think Aidan is ready for Kindergarten?  And she left agreeing with my assessment that my major concern is that Aidan will be bored. . .  He was 46 pounds--84th percentile and 45 inches tall--91st percentile.  Not really sure what the percentiles represent, but I know my boy is healthy and tall.  He is right on or ahead of all of the developmental targets for his age.  He is doing very well!  Now to send in that report to his new Elementary School to be added to his Permanent Record.

On Wednesday, I finally got word that Aidan's bed, the one we bought back on President's Day weekend, is finally in--13 weeks later!!  I called and the first Saturday delivery available is not until mid-June!  So, I'm taking my lunch break tomorrow, Friday, to come home and accept the delivery of said bed.  I just couldn't wait another month!  This will be great.  We can get his room completely reorganized over the weekend!  Can't wait to share some pictures. . .when it is finally all in order.

Tomorrow night is Parent's Night Out at Aidan's school.  Pat and I are going to take advantage of this.  We're exhausted by this week becuase:

*we have had several nights of very bad thunderstorms.  Bad enough that Aidan would only sleep if it was in between us. . .in our bed.  In fact, the sky is cloudy this evening and Aidan has already asked if it's going to storm!  Okay, there really was a lot of lightening and hail yesterday, but really.  A Mama could really use some good sleep without toes in my face or my back (must remember to clip Aidan's toenails. . .)

*My Mom has had another Cancer scare.  She had a biopsy that was inconclusive and the sample was sent to be tested elsewhere.  Not sure what to think about all of that, but I am praying fervently for some good news on this one.

*  I did finish Travels in Siberia.  Very good book.  I totally recommend it for anyone who has adopted from Russia, and especially for you all, who like us, have adopted from Siberia.  You'll love it!

*I started Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo.  Wow.  I really recommend this as well, for anyone with children.  Make sure you have an entire box of kleenex!

*My nephew Tyler had a birthday this week and we sent him a book on the History of Manchester United as well as a Tshirt with the logo on it.   I think he liked them.  : )Manchester United is his favorite sports team so Aunty had to make sure I got him something he would like!  : )

Today I went and got my hair cut and then came home to this scene:

Go AJ Go!!
The kid is a natural on skates. . .(the helmet was in the car I was driving, thus why he wasn't wearing it!)

By the way, did you hear the one about how the world is supposed to end this weekend?  Really.  Isn't it more Biblically accurate to say that we don't know when Jesus will come again?  And how could we know for sure anyway?  What year is it really?  Was Jesus born in year 0 or was it 1 or was it 33?  And then there is the whole switch to the Gregorian Calendar, which happened sporadically from 1582 to 1919 and even so the Orthodox Church never switched.  So, anyway, we wish you all well in this time of uncertainty.

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Joy said...

Oh Stacy,
First off I will pray for you Mom. I know how difficult it is to wait for a biopsy report. I hope it is negative and that the doctors want you to know that the minute they know it.

I can not wait to see his room. I peeked at Gerard's list and Anna's closet is on the list. Therefore in my dreams last night I was completely rearranging her room. I am tired.

Lastly look at him work that stick...Am I getting the lingo down? I think my favorite picture is the second one down. He looks like a professional hockey player. Go CAPS! I know I am just practicing for next season.