Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, May 16, 2011

5th Birthday, part Dva

So, to continue our weekend long celebration of Aidan's fifth birthday, Aidan got up early. . .all excited. . .and wanted homemade pancakes and bacon for breakfast.  Cool.  Mama can do that.

In the early afternoon, we packed the car with all the gifts, birthday cake and a change of clothes for Pat and Aidan and headed to Grandma and Grandpa's to do a little yard work and then do the family celebration.
We had an early dinner at On the Border and then headed back for cake. . .

Trying to get him to hold up his hand to show he is now five. . .

Bustin' a move on the rocks in front of the restuarant. . .

And now it's cake time!

After the cake, it was off to the Living Room to open gifts from the family:

Grandpa Dave gave him some really cool shirts and a rhinoceros from South Africa. . .

I love presents!!!

Aunt B and UB gave him a couple of really cool books and a John Deere tractor tray!

Aunty Amy, Uncle Todd, Kendall and Tyler gave him the most awesome astronaut costume...  someone has already decided to be an astronaut for Halloween!!

Nana gave him a really cool Lego helicopter to put together, a neat shirt, PJ's and some jean shorts. . .awesome!!!

And htne we were onto the present from mama and daddy. . .what could this be???

Sidetracked momentarily, due to  a thunderstorm. . .loud noises remain an issue.

Cool!  Inline hockey skates!!!  He can wear these on the pipestem to play street hockey!

And finally, from Grandma and Grandpa. . .

A full set of hockey pads!!!!!

After all of that, we were all exhausted.  We headed home to have a bath and get to bed early. . .


Joy said...

You can just see the shear excitement on his face with his hockey gear. Happy Birthday Aidan.

Troy and Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Aidan! Loved reading all the celebrations!! We really need to get our boys together soon!

Melissa said...

Great gifts! Yeah for Grandmas! You can definitely see he was super excited. Looks like a fun day for all.