Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, June 17, 2011

Negative Ghost Rider, the Pattern Is Full

Whew!!  Before we get into this weekends parties, celebrations and social engagements, I better tell you about the fun we had last weekend!!

In addition to Aidan's graduation ceremony, which I already told you about, we had two birthday parties, a resumption of going to our old church, and a date at the pool.  First the parties:

Saturday, we took Aidan to a party for one of his best girls at the Curiosity Shop in Ashburn.  Adorable!  When we got there, the children put on lab coats and then sat down to make sidewalk chalk:

Then they made some floam. . .what in the heck is floam????  And then some playdough.  Everything was done using beakers and test tubs and all of the ingredients were explained.  Really fun! 

And the children got to bring their creations home too!    : \
Sidewalk chalk

Floam--what do you do with this stuff???


Then the children hung up their lab coats and went in to have pizza and cake and make their own drink using dry ingredients and water, test tubes and beakers!  Of course, Aidan and Jack had more fun with the party hats. . .

Then, on Sunday afternoon, we were off to another party for a friend which was done by Reptiles Alive!  Totally cool  The children saw turtles, snakes, an Albino Python!, an Aligator, lizards, etc. . .they loved it!

We also went back to our old church for services Sunday morning because Aidan has been after me to do so.  When we got there, he actually skipped up the sidewalk on the way to the church building.  They do have an awesome Youth Program. . .I guess Aidan has decided where we will be going.  I just have to shut my mouth about my irritations and go with what he likes and feels more comfortable with.  It is about him at this point.

Sunday afternoon, Pat had to go to work and Aidan and I went off to the pool. . .for a couple of hours only!  We had to leave when the pool closed due to a terrible storm that came up.  We got home before it started, but boy was it a doozy!  The roof was awesome but we went to the basement anyway. 

And now, this weekend we have a Graduation Party, get together with friends for pool time and dinner, and then Father's Day is Sunday.  Whew!  I'm ready for a quieter social calendar!  We cannot put another thing on our calendar between now and the time we go on vacation. . .it is completely full!

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Barb said...

Did you ever find out what the floam was for?