Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our First Graduation Ceremony

Time passes as surely as the sun rises and sets.  And yet, I still can't believe my baby is now really ready for Kindergarten!  Ready he is, though.  And just to prove it, his school held a Graduation Ceremony for all Pre-Kindergartners and they graduated into being Rising Kindergartners. . .Here are some pictures.

After getting their hats on, the children walked into the big room where us parents, and a lot of extended family, waited.  They lined up and then sang us their graduation song.

Well, for some reason, Blogger is having a difficult time uploading the video of that.  I'll keep trying, because it really is very cute.

After that, one of the teachers had put together a disc of pictures that showed first pictures of the chilren, first as babies and then as they are now; then there were pictures of the children throughout the year doing all of thier activities,and finally of the children at the end of the year.  There was also a section showing the children singing the songs they learned: The Planets, The Presidents, The Continents, etc.  Each of us parents received a copy of this disc.  How cool!

Then the children received their Graduation Certificates!

Several of the children will be gone as of Monday and several more will be moving up to the Big Kids room as of Monday.  Aida will still in the Pre-K class along with about six or seven other children until they move up in late August.  It works out because one of the children staying with Aidan will be in his Kindergarten class.  Miss Mandy, Aidan's teacher is moving to the Big Kid room effective June 20th and will be in charge of the Kindergarten children beginning in the fall.  So, he will have her again next year!  This will work out awesome for him.

But, for now, the curriculum will be loosened up and a lot more fun time will be had by the children for the next two months.  We will continue to do our Bob Books at night (I found the next two sets) so he doesn't lose any of his reading skills. 

And so, it is now officially Summer time.  Sort of!  : )


Troy and Rachel said...

Congratulations Aidan!! You're right about time moving on!!! I can't believe these little ones (whoaren't so little anymore) are headed to Kindergarten in the fall!

Joy said...

I can not believe how much he has grown. I think it is great that he will have the same teacher in the fall. That is great!

Barb said...

He looks too cute in his "graduation cap"!