Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Strep Throat and Mini Mites

I should have known something was brewing. . .

Saturday, a friend of mine came over with her 4 year old daughter and we went ice skating while daddy slept.  We had a blast.  Aidan insisted on wearing all of his hockey gear and it turned out to be a good idea. . .he was able to get his ice legs going with all of the gear before we started Mini Mites. 

Afterward, daddy was up so we ordered pizza and had an early dinner and then let the kids play in the sprinkler.  We all had a blast.  Our friends left a little after 6 and we were able to have an early evening--rare, to say the least, especially for a weekend!!

Sunday, Aidan and I went back to St. James', and he skipped again on the way into the building.  Funny little man.  He was good as gold. . .until we got home.  That was when things started to go downhill.  He was ugly and mean and even spit at me at one point.  I couldn't believe it!  He did end up saying, by the end of the day, that his throat hurt and so did his head.  I bundled him into bed early and hoped for the best.

Monday, he seemed better.  He said his throat still hurt but that he felt fine.  He was definitely acting much better.  But his teachers told Pat at pick up time that he seemed tired and lethargic all day.  Definitely not his unually overly rambunctious Aidan-self.  Hmmmm. . .

Tuesday, he still didn't seem like he was sick.  He was a little whiny and I realized he hadn't been eating well, but no fever and he said his throat didn't hurt anymore.  So, I took him to school.  But, he was rubbing at his tummy when I dropped him off, so I pulled up his shirt and then saw a strawberry- like rash on his tummy and chest.  It was unusual and nothing I'd ever seen before.  I asked if it bothered him and he said no.  I showed it to his teacher and aked her to call me if it got worse or if it started bothering him or became a distraction to other children.

I called the pediatrician as soon as I got to work and made an appointment for 2:30 and then called the school to tell them I would be picking him up at 2:00.  They were about to call me to say it was bothering him.  After talking with them, they did say he was acting normal and seemed to be having a great time with his friends so we we all decided, together, to let him be unless it got worse and I would stick with the 2:00 pick up time.

Well, the first thing out of the pediatricians mouth was: probably Strep Throat. . .oh man. . .so they did a quick test that usually takes 5 minutes to get the results.  1 1/2 minutes later, they came back in to say it was positive.  Boy did I feel bad!!

But, we got home early enough to get two doses in on Tuesday and then dosed up again yesterday.  By yesterday afternoon, Aidan was eating everything in site, the rash was nearly gone (just a little left in the groin area by then) and he was climbing the walls wanting to go outside to play!  He and daddy ended up talking me into letting him go to Mini Mites last night. . .sheesh!!  Being ganged up on by two boys is not fun!  : )

So, off to Mini Mites we went!  Where Aidan had so much fun!!!  He and about 26 or 27 other little boys aged 5-7 were on the ice for an hour doing speed skills, foot skills, stick skills and then they even split up and played a couple of little mini games.  It was really fun to watch!!  He even told Coach Rob when they were coming off the ice that he wanted to play more. . .couldn't they stay on the ice longer??  The coach was so amused he came over to tell us.  What a funny little guy! 

And here he is.  Hopefully, we can get more video as he goes along to see his progress.

This weekend we plan to get him the socks and the skates.  We'll take that leap now since he seems to really like this and is having fun.

And now, back to work and school for the two of us.

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Barb said...

It's a good thing that Aidan is loving hockey so much . . . I kinda get the feeling from your FB posts that you're a fan . . .:)