Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mommies Aren't Supposed To Ask About That!

Today, I took Aidan up to the Ice House to buy his first Hocky skates (we've been using rentals until now), hockey socks, a mouth guard, and. . .um. . .a cup.  When we got there, I told the guy behind the counter that we needed several things, so he turned to a young high school boy and told him he was up.  The boy came around the counter and I told him we needed skates, socks and a cup. . .he froze.  Then he stared at me and I said, "Coach Joe said an Extra small would probably work."  He continued to give me that deer in the headlights look.  So I said, "Let's start with the skates."

Looking relieved and unfreezing a bit, the boy led us over and we went through the skates with me saying something about not wanting to spend $100 on skates that would be outgrown in six months.  He chose some nice sturdy skates that cost me $60.00, including the sharpening, sized Aidan's foot and went off to get them out the stock in back. 

When he came back, he set a package next me and skuttled quickly around to fit the skates on Aidan.  Looking down, I noticed that he had put the hockey cup next to me on the bench (neat little thing that fits into a pair of shorts for under the hockey shorts!) and I said, "Oh!  This will work perfectly!"  Again with the frozen stare and the look that said, "You are not really talking to me about that, right??"  And I said, "I know.  Mommies aren't supposed to ask about that, right?"  He smiled and giggled a bit and then led us over to get the knit socks for over the shin and knee pads. . .

I think he was happy when the skates were sharpened and we left the Pro Shop.

What a funny experience!!!


sonflowerjax said...

Laughing out loud!!! So funny!! And, love, love, LOVE the graduation picture- oh, so handsome!! :)

Joy said...

kay this is s funny story. I can see this one getting told over and over again.