Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summery Swelter and New Roofs

I am going to try very hard to not complain and whine about the heat this least until August!  : )

We have been having some extreme heat.  This week started out hot and humid (mid 90's) and then got hotter (100's!!).  Wednesday and Thursday were over 100--I think I heard 102 down in Washington, D. C. and it is possible we were about 103 or 104 degrees!  Yikes!  And summer doesn't officially start for over a week!  Add in some humidity--it was about 78% yesterday afternoon--and you have a recipe for major heat exhaustion/heat stroke/general miserableness. 

And we had our roof replaced this week!

On Easter, we had a terrible thunderstorm with very intense wind and hail.  Enough so that Aidan was very scared and I took him to the basement.  We may have had a tornado just north of us, but if so I am certain it was not very bad.  But, the storm caused some major damage to our roof that is always under wind attack.  We had it checked out and sure enough, we needed the entire thing replaced. 

After working with a few contractors, we finally chose a local one, Piedmont Roofers and they began the process of replacing our roof with a brand new beautiful roof that is supposed to withstand major wind of 80 to 100 miles per hour and comes with a 30 year warranty!!  Woo Hoo!!

Last Sunday, we went to Costco to do our usual re-stocking of some supplies and meats and bought a few other things as well, including an entire case of water and an entire case of Gatorade.  I gave my husband a look of incredulaty because he rarely drinks Gatorade and we had a case and a half of water at home.  But, I didn't say anything (unusal for me) and we went about the rest of our business and then paid. 

Come Monday, we saw how hot it was supposed to be and we decided to leave the roofers a cooler of iced water and some of the Gatorade.  Turns out there were only two guys doing our roof--thus why it took four days--and one of them had to leave early on Wednesday because the heat was making him feel sick.  They went through the entire case of Gatorade and the entire case of water!!  Yikes!!  I can't even imagine how hot it must have been up on that roof.

Last night, after dinner, Pat took our Recycling out and came back in, just as a thunderstorm was getting started (that included hail!!) and he had a note from our roofers.  They thanked us for the drinks and being such a nice family!  They really appreciated us! Wow.  

Ever realize belatedly how God is using you???

Our new roof is really beautiful and it held up awsomely in last nights storm. . .even though Aidan still insisted on sleeping with us!  : )

Speaking of Aidan, here he is on a recent Fishing Expedition in Aldie, Virginia a couple of weeks ago.  He caught his first fish!!!

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Sally...4 boys + 1 princess.. said...

I know how those roofers appreciated those drinks. My husband and now 2 of my sons are roofers and the generosity of homeowners to have drinks is a God send. That is a huge fish Aidan caught.

Just wanted to also ask, we are heading out to Washington D.C. with 4 of the kiddos this summer, what are some things that are a must see? You can email me at if you want