Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Our roof is finally being replaced.  After not getting a call back from the first company who had done an estimate and then calling several other companies for estimates, we finally decided to go with one who is in our area.  They started on Monday and will hopefully be finished today or tomorrow.  Gotta say that the part that is complete looks fantastic!  And, they are cutting in the place for an attic fan that Pat will install. . .And they came in $200. lower than the insurance approved estimate.  We do feel badly for the workers though.  Of course it has been VERY HOT this week with today's temperature going up to around 97--plus humidity!!  So, we have set them up with a cooler of water and Gatorade and told them they can take a break in the shade of our trees when they need to.  We did, however, have to ask them to stop for the night last night at 8:30.  I know they wanted to do a much as they could in the cooler part of the day, but it was bedtime!! 

We had our Spring Parent Teacher conference with Aidan's teacher last week.  He is doing phenominally well.  He has tested above and well above in all subjects!  And, like we didn't know, his best and favorite subject is Science.  His teacher said that when they do Science, Aidan's attention is rapt and he asks tons of questions wanting to know exactly how it all works out and fits together, etc.  His only area needing improvement is that he has a hard time sitting still for too long.  I don't think that is a problem so much in that he is just a very active 5 year old boy!! 

Several of Aidan's friends are moving up a level at is Preschool for the summer and several more are leaving for the summer.  This is going to be a hard transition because a lot of the children won't be back next fall.  However, the group he will be with does include a couple of children that he will be going to Kindergarten with so that will be nice.  The summer program begins next Monday.  Already!!

An update on my mom:  She does have some new cancer cells in the area that was reconstructed 6 years ago.  She will be having surgery next Wednesday to remove these new cells.  Our concern is that this area should not have new cells because it is reconstructed.  So, we are worried that there is another area of cancer that has not been found as yet feeding this spot.  So far, my mom has refused to have further tests done.  Maybe the doctor in Las Vegas will talk to her about this some more.  Prayers for this, please.

Another cancer update (don't you just HATE cancer???):  My friend Dana has now had two Gamma knife surgeries on her brain lesions down at UVA.  She had good results the first time and we're hopeful that this second one will be equally successful.  However, a new lesion was found on her spine.  She will be having some tests done soon to determine the extent of that situation.  Prayers for her, too, please.

And because I refuse to let cancer have the last word. . .

We've been sooooo busy lately that this is the typical scene of the backseat when we go anywhere or get home from anywhere:

Isn't he just the cutest????  I'm so proud of him and sooo full of love for him!


Barb said...

Your mom and friend will be in my prayers. Cancer - yuck - it wreaks havoc in so many lives.

I must've missed the post about your roof (or my brain is getting cloudy). . . what happened?

sonflowerjax said...

Love Aidan's picture at the end! Will be praying for your mother, and for the roof to be finished quickly! :)