Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Crazy Busy; Hockey; and a Sneak Peak!

This has been a crazy busy week.  I'm so glad it's the weekend so we can relax!  We had Parents Night Out last night but were so tired we picked Aidan up at 8:30! 

Let's see what's on tap for today. . .

-need to get to mall and spend the Gymbucks I have ($125. worth!).  Aidan needs new winter PJ's and I'd like to go ahead and get him his nice Christmas outfit.
-need to be at the Ice Rink by 1:45 to get Aidan suited up for his Hockey Skills Class that begins at 2:10.
-Mini Mites is at 3:20.
-we'll have to rush home to give Aidan a bath after Mini Mites so we can get out to Bluemont for dinner with our friends by 6:00.  Aidan loves playing with Catherine!

Okay, how about tomorrow. . .

-church is at 9:00 followed immediately by Sunday School.
-home for lunch and a change of clothes and then off to Winchester where we are going to Cabela's to buy some fishing supplies for next weekends fishing adventure.  Home in time for dinner.

Oh well!  Perhaps next weekend won't be so busy!  At least we're having fun. . .

But, here are some pictures that I haven't posted previously--Aidan is in the Yellow jerset with the red and white showing on his socks:
Aidan was right there waiting for the puck but kinda sorta knocked the Blue kid off it.  The Blue kid fell. . .not hurt.

Aidan hustling back to the other end!  Go Aidan!! (Mama pounding on the glass)

Aidan ready for the puck drop on a face off.  He won.  Of course.

Surveying the scene.

Hustling over to get the puck.

Got it!!!  Sent it over to another Yellow team mate who scored!!!  Yeah Aidan!!!  (Mama pounding on the glass)

Um. . . Aidan. . .your not supposed to mess with your own team mates, dude!

That's better!  Go after the Green guy!

Controlling the puck even in the face of the opponent coming up to him.  Way to go Aidan!!! 

Aidan won this face off again and passed it to the Yellow team mate with the one black sock and one white sock. . .who. . .

Socred!!!!!  Way to go Aidan!!!!  What an assist!!!!  (Mama pounding on the glass)
When Aidan gets older, he's going to roll his eyes and say, "Yeah, that's my mom. . ." in that quietly disgusted voice that pre-teens and teens get.  : )

So, now it's October and Halloween is coming.  We've decorated our house--never really thought I'd have to do that! but Aidan insists.  And we're getting ready for the big day at the end of this month. 

And so, without further ado, here is a Halloween Sneak Peak!!!!

I'm going to add a nose cone and after burner to the wagon, cover it in foil and then create flames with tissue paper to have a rocket.  I'm thinking USA will have to be on it!  : ) 

If this incessant rain would ever end, I'd like to take Aidan up to Bears Den and do a little hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  I think he's old enough now.  In the next few weeks, the colors will be beautiful!


Uncle Todd said...

Some awesome pictures. He looks like he really enjoys hockey. I'd like to see some video of Aidan playing hockey.

Love, Uncle Todd

Troy and Rachel said...

I'm love that you have such a hockey player on your hands!! How awesome!! Lovin' the Halloween costume too!!

Planted by the River said...

Cute costume!