Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Of The Same

This past weekend, Aidan started his Hockey Skills class.  He is on the ice with children up to the age of 13.  I was a little nervous about that at first, but Aidan is really a good skater and was definitely not the worst of the group.  The ages for this class are supposed to be 7-13 (remember Aidan is 5) making Aidan definitely the youngest there but he is about middle of the pack on skills level.  Pretty cool!  And what was really really cool was that the older boys acted as mentors to the little ones.  They line up in groups and the biggest and oldest goes first and then they encourage the smaller boys behind them.  As each one completes the skill, the older boys give the little ones knuckles.  Definitely a nice sight!

After Hockey skills, Aidan had Mini Mites.  So. . . he ended up being on the ice for 2 1/2 hours straight!  He was a tired boy and was ready for a snack and a nap but perked right up and got excited when Coach Joe came over and offered to play tag during free skate on Thursdays.   I guess we'll be doing that next.

Here are some pictures of the Hockey Skills and Mini Mites.  Aidan wears red for Hockey Skills and Yellow for Mini Mites.  He will have many jerseys to choose form next time they have Jersey Day at school!!

In the second picture, Aidan is in the back next to the boy in the blue.

Uncle Todd wants film of Aidan playing, which I will do next time they play.  They do skills on the first Saturday of the month, so there was very little game play this time.

On Sunday, it was cold and rainy but Pat and Aidan insisted on going out to go fishing.  They caught some Blue Gill and Crappie at a friends farm in Aldie.  Aidan really had fun and did catch some decent ones.  But, Daddy was teaching Catch and Release.  It was great practice for the Trout Fishing that they will do on this coming Saturday.

But, being out in that weather did not help his cold.  He has had a nagging cough and when I took him to the pediatrician yesterday, a slight fever.  Nothing major.  But, enough that he was given a three day dose of Prednisone and I was told to dust off the nebulizer and make sure the Albuterol supply was up to date.  Could be one of those winters.  sigh. . .

Today Aidan has Kids With Purpose.  For their activity, they will go to a farm in Purcellville and glean apples to be donated to Interfaith Relief here in Loudoun County.  What fun!  Daddy will take him and possibly get a pumpkin.  I have to miss it because I will be going to Wintergreen for my works annual meeting.  It will be beautiful there but I will miss my two boys.

Thursday is Aidan's flu shot day--pediatrician said it is okay to have it--and then Friday Daddy and I have a dinner date with friends while Aidan will go watch movies with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Fun and busy times with the Harrisons.

Like I said, more of the same!  : )

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