Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, October 14, 2011

First Parent Teacher Conference

I met with Aidan's teacher yesterday for the first parent teacher conference.  The first 9 weeks period is coming to a close and this was an interim report, so she told me that although these things will be on the report card, Aidan has already improved. 

In all skills, Aidan either meets or exceeds the County requirements for this stage except in one. . .counting to 25.  I really think Aidan can actually count to 100, but for some reason he always skips 13 or 14.  He's been doing this for a little while, but we didn't really work with him like we should have been.  Now that we are, I see that his slight lisp has caused him to somehow combine and confuse these two numbers.  My thought is to make some flash cards and then have him put them in order, saying the number out loud, to try and help him remember that there are actually two numbers there.  Fortunately it's not a huge concern. 

Mrs. Taylor also showed me a picture Aidan had drawn of a bike and then when asked to write something about it, he wrote, "I Can RD."  She said she was stunned that he had already picked up R and D for Ride!  I was too, truth be known.  She said that was a skill most Kindergartners don't get until the end of the year.  Aidan is obviously reading a lot already, and is even beginning to really comprehend what he is reading to be able to do this. 

Aidan can also read some of the words that are on the list to learn for the second quarter already.  So, she gave me the list for the entire year and we'll see what we can do with him on these. 

I knew he was a smarty pants!

So far, he has been awesome with homework.  His homework comes on Monday afternoon and is due back by Thursday morning.  I always give him the choice to either do it all Monday night; do some of it Monday, some Tuesday and some Wednesday until it is complete; or do it all on Wednesday.  I do always tell him that once it is done, we don't have to worry about it and can then play.  I give him the choice because, although I always want him to do the homework and then play (rule for when he gets older), I want him to understand and develop that kind of ethic by his own choice.  So far, he has opted to do it all on Monday night.  I'm so proud of him on that!

As smart as he is, I just can't correct him, though, when he says things like, "Mama!  Look at that Jet!  It's hunormous!!  And it doesn't have any japellers, either!"  : )  I like the words "hunormous" and "japellers"!


Troy and Rachel said...

Way to go Aidan!! We got Daniel's first report card yesterday and we have our first parent/teacher conference next week! I'm looking forward to it! Our boys can't help being so smart and wonderful and handsome too!!

Barb said...

Glad he's doing so well . . . that kind of conference always makes a mamma proud:) , , , japellers . . . cracks me up:)