Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Film At 11:00

Don't you just hate it when you're watching the news and they tantalize you with a big story but say they will tell you all about it at a later time????  Well, that's what I'm doing to you!  Stay with me and you'll see Aidan later doing something amazing!

Yesterday was an awesome day.  Aidan got up in the most amazing mood.  He came down to breakfast without any grumbles and ate quite a lot.  Then he proceeded to work on his sight words for school instead of watching TV. . .totally uncoerced by me, too!  He did so well with his sight words that he even created a couple of sentences. . .we're going to show Daddy tonight!  "I"  "Can" "Go" "And" "See" "The" and Mommy added "Caps".  I didn't even have to tell him what Caps said. . .he knew!  : )

I did have to coerce him on wearing a jacket though.  He's still coughing and so I really wanted him to wear something warm.  Incredibly, I had to brow beat him into wearing his hoody with his jean jacket.  Kid doesn't like his jean jacket!  What's up with that???  Aren't I raising him to be an all American kid???  Okay. . .film at 11:00. . .

Typically Friday is Blue and White spirit day at Leesburg Elementary.  But, Aidan's long sleeved LES shirt has not arrived yet and I felt it was too chilly to wear just a short sleeved shirt so I sent him to school in his long sleeved Mickey Mouse shirt.  It's cool looking.   And, because it was Crazy Hat Day (so Aidan told us on Thursday night) I sent him wearing his Mickey Mouse ears that have Lighting McQueen and Mator on them.  Of course, when I dropped him off, he was wearing his ears and I did not see another single child wearing any kind of hat. . .so then I worried all day that I had opened my baby up to ridicule. . .what if it was Crazy Hat Day at Winwood????  Pat wasn't sure either so I did not get any relief until he picked Aidan up around 4:00 and found out that, yes, it had been at Leesburg Elementary. . .I'll be glad when we only have one school to worry about keeping up with! 

Yesterday morning, we followed our neighbor to the school who was dropping off her son who is in the third grade.  Logan is awesome and always likes playing with Aidan.  Aidan really looks up to Logan so when he saw Logan hop out of his Mom's SUV he said to me, "Mama, you can drop me off at the curb today."  Really sweetie?  Are you sure?  "Oh yeah.  I can do it."  Okay. . .And then he followed that up at dinner last night with a "You can drop me off at the curb from now on, Mama."  Okay, if you're sure. . .I've been waiting for this to happen--it does cut about 5 minutes off my time on getting to work--but now that it has, I feel kinda sad!  : (  My baby is really growing up.

Public School is changing him in so many ways. . .good and bad.  But, now for that film, and this is a good thing!!

And there you have it.  He is being Americanized as I thought.


Melissa said...

Love it! Not sure if you saw but i actually posted Colby saying it as well. Amazing how big our smartiepants are.

sonflowerjax said...

I got choked up hearing him say the Pledge! What an amazing boy! And, what an amazing story he has! :) Landon now says "Russian American" when I ask him what he is, lol! :)

Barb said...

SWEET! So glad you trusted your boy that he was right about the hat;)