Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Friendly, but Weighty, Wager

I am an underwriter for an insurance company in Western Loudoun County.  I have agents all over Virginia whom I work with on a daily basis.  They are all a great group of people.  One, however, who is located in Richmond, happens to be a Penguins fan. . .boo hiss!!  : )  I think it's because he's from Pittsburgh or something (I have a taunting voice here).  He knows I am a Caps fan and he tries to give me a hard time about it all the time.  Says I'm brainwashing my son--really Aidan loves the Caps all on his own!!  He says he wants to be one one day! 

So, this agent and I entered into a friendly wager.  The best of the Caps v. Pens series:  the loser has to wear the jersey of the other team to work one day.  Doesn't seem like much, so I decided to add a twist to the wager.  For every point scored by both teams, I will donate 10 pounds of food to our local food pantry--Interfaith Relief.  He will do the same for his local food pantry.  So far, the teams have played one game and we're already up to 50 pounds of food!!  (Caps won 3-2 (sing songy voice : } ) ).

They play again on 12/1 and then twice in January 1/11 and then 1/22.  So, the food will then be donated near the end of January. . .at a time when most people will have moved on from the holidays and won't be giving as much.  This is a really hard month for charities and especially the food pantries.

So, this got me to thinking: what if Aidan and I gathered ten pounds of food for each goal the Capitals score each month and then take it to the food pantry at the end of each month for the entire season?  Not so much per month, but that could end up being about a 1000 pounds of food or more in total!  So far for October, the Caps have scored 23 points with 3 games to go. . .that is already 230 pounds of food!!!  Aidan and I are going shopping tomorrow to get on this thing. 

Go Caps!!

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