Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trick or Treat!! We Got a Trick from Mother Nature!

I should explain that last post. .  .the kids in our area have a little fun superstition that if they flush ice down the toilet and wear their pj's inside out, we will get a lot of snow. . .enough that they won't have to go to school.  When we were having our huge snow storms in early 2010, my father in law jokingly told Aidan that he wasn't allowed to flush anymore ice down the toilet.  We did get over four feet in two really big whopping storms, plus several inches in various "smaller" storms.  So, Grandpa's concern was valid! 

Last night we really didn't think we would get snow.  It is only October, afterall, and we live in Virginia.  A place that will maybe see some snow in January, February and possibly early March.  Sometimes in late December, but not usually until January.  Here we are, the 29th of October and I am here to tell you that yes, indeed, there is snow coming down.  The grass and trees are coated. . .as are the pumpkins!

It is supposed to snow all day and into the evening.  It is pretty, just very early!  And, I have a feeling that Grandpa will forgive Aidan. . .  : )

Meanwhile, we're still getting ready for Halloween.  Some friends are supposed to come over this evening for dinner. . .provided they don't get snowed in. . . they do live at the top of the mountain up by Mount Washington along the Appalachians.  I'm making some homemade Jambalaya with chicken and Louisiana spicy sausage and garlic bread on the side.  The children will have chicken tenders (one has reached a saturation point on mac and cheese, and the other reached a limit on hot dogs!)  We will have lemonade punch with a green ice hand floating in the bowl and devil's food cupcakes decorated with spider webs, sprinkles and pumpkins.  Fun!  Then we'll do some Wii bowling.  Fun times at the Harrison's!

Aidan has his Hockey Skills class and Mini Mites this afternoon as usual.  He's doing really well.  He has gotten the stop down pretty good and is learning now how to do power turns and how to defend the goal better.  He was exhausted by the end of Mini Mites last week (2 1/2 hours on the ice!), but look how well he was doing regardless!  Ignore my blathering in the background.  I was bragging about my son's educational achievements and kept getting distracted by his playing!  : )

We went to Free Skate on Thursday after work and saw Coach Joe.  He's really an awesome coach for these little guys.  He spent a good 30 minutes (FREE!!) with a group of the boys just working on stopping, power turns, and how to turn around while skating forward and then going on backwards.  And then playing tag!  He's very encouraging with the boys, always praising every little thing.  It's nice.

And so, on to our day!  Happy Halloween Snowy Saturday everyone!!

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Shelly said...

I'm not gonna tell my girls about the ice and toilet thing! We'd have no ice--ever--in our ice box! LOL We got an early snow too this week!