Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, August 10, 2012

Finally Friday

Here we are at the end of another week.  I guess my blog schedule now consists of updating here once a week.  I am determined to have some place where I save the little things that Aidan does and says--I don't scrapbook or keep any other kind of book for him.  I do journal, but that really is more like a prayer journal and not primarily about Aidan. 

Anyway. . .

When I left off last, we were heading out for school shopping on the tax free weekend.  We did really well on our excursion!  Friday night, we went over to the outlet mall and went to the Nike store where Aidan and I both got new shoes.  I knew his foot had grown from the 13 1/2 shoe that he is currently wearing so I immediatly went for the size 1.  Shoe on and I ask, "Aidan, how does it fit?  Where are your toes?"  At the end of the shoe, Mama.  "Really???"  I touch the end of the shoe and ask him to wiggle his toes and sure enough, the toes are really at the very end and probably crammed.  So, we got a size 1 1/2.  Much better.  A little room left.  So we bought those.  And now I am thinking we may be buying new shoes again by October. . .should have gone for the 2's.

And yes, I know, that a boys siz 3 is comparable to my ladies size 5 1/2. . .not much longer before he passes me. . .

Off to Target for the supplies.  I am pretty sure there is some kind of conspiracy here between the maker of the supplies, schools and the stores selling the supplies.  We found everything we needed right away except the Dry Erase Markers:  5 in blue and 5 in black, low odor chisel tip.  What does the store sell?  a package of four: 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 black.  Right.  I could have gone with it if it was a package of one color!  But no. . .so, I went online and purchased a box of 10 each, blue and black, on  Check those items off the list for next year, too!!!  : )  All told, we spent about $50.00 for supplies alone.  Sheesh.

On Saturday, we got up at a leisurely pace and then headed out for a nice fortifying breakfast before hitting the mall.  Last Saturday was Central Loudoun Youth Football League day at Dick's Sporting goods.  Great deals!!!  And we had coupons!!!  We bought Daddy some new shoes, Aidan's football cleats and mouthguard and a little case for the mouthguard.  At normal prices, these items would have been about $180.00 but with our discounts and coupons we spent $73.00!!!  Woo Hoo!!

Off to Gymboree I went where I was able to outfit Aidan with several pairs of jeans and several shirts.  Underpants purchased at Gap Kids and we were done with the clothes portion.  Since it was still early, we headed over to Yankee Candle to replenish our candle supply.  We did look at the Man Candles, which are too funny.  One is Grass Clippings which really smells like freshly mown grass and another was 2 X 4 which really smells like wood.  But, Pat opted for Mountain Lodge which has a scent like a wood smoke, pine scented air, fresh and clean air kind of aroma.  Very nice and very Man Cave like.  I like his choice.

Our final stop was at a Sleep Number mattress store.  Pat has been wanting me to try one of these things out for years.  I have resisted.  I know myself.  I knew if I laid down on one of those mattresses I would want it.  It's like test driving a car.  If I test drive a car, I buy it.  I have bought every car I have test driven.  Don't test drive the car. . .don't lay down on a mattress you know you will love.

Well, we were all happy and on a shopping high and I got coerced into the store. . .where I laid down on one of those mattresses and the girl began working the control and I found my perfect level. . .and I didn't want to get up.  I WANT THAT MATTRESS!!!!  (Pat is so laughing at me!)  And so, we will likely purchase one of those mattresses. . .next month.  We're just saving up the cash--no debt for us!!  With all of the overtime Pat has been putting in, it will take a couple of pay periods, but we will be paying cash for that wonderful mattress!!  I can't wait.  I can't wait.  I can't wait.

The rest of Saturday was spent cleaning house and entertaining Aidan while Pat went off to work.
Sunday was a very lazy.  We just did laundry and played until Aidan's hockey.

On Tuesday after work we packed up the car and headed down to Harrisonburg.  I had a class on Wednesday and Pat and Aidan went with me so they could head over to my sister in laws house.  After dropping me off for my class, the boys went on over and spent the day helping Becky and Bob, playing with the Alpacas and what not.  At the end of the day, they picked me up and we went to dinner before heading back home, with Becky.  We got home very late--2 hour drive--and I was absolutely beat after 10 hours in the class.  But, it was all worth it.

Thursday we were back to our normal schedule.  I had three lunches to make and Aidan went to Great Country Farms for the day trip to look for gems. . .which he brought home several of!  After work, Pat scrambled to go to the bank to get Aidan's birth certificate--which we just found out the football league needs to confirm his age (unorganized league!)--and then picked Becky up from our house then ran to Target to get Aidan some sports shorts--forgot that on our shopping spree!--and then headed over to the field for his first practice.  I met everyone there and took over where Aidan was concerned while Pat ran Becky to their parents house.  Too hot and tired after all of that so we ordered in, gave Aidan a bath and then Pat headed to bed to nap a bit before going on the midnight shift. . .I hope he rested but I don't know because right when he went to bed, thunderstorms rolled in and they have been going on all night!  We did even lose our power briefly.  Poor Pat. 

And so, here we are at another weekend.  I have absolutely no plans except for Aidan's last ever Mini Mites game and hopefully church.  The rest of the weekend will be spent allowing Pat to sleep as much as he can and playing outside or in the basement. 

Finally, I still haven't received any information about Aidan's teacher for the coming year.  I hate last minute stuff. . .and with two weeks until school starts. . .I do know that we will have a meet your teacher time on the Thursday before school starts (two weeks from yesterday) so we'll know before then.  I'm off the next day, Friday, so we may plan a day trip up to Baltimore.  I'm hoping Pat can get the day off.  It would be nice for us to do a little family get away before the craziness of school starting!

Until next time. . .


Shelly said...

We bought school supplies for the first time this month (we're not homeschooling this year)--over $100 for that stuff! Yikes!! I don't know how families with lots of children do it!

Joy said...

Now I feel like I need a new bed too! LOL. School supplies are a killer. We spent a chunk of change at Gymboree too.