Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of First Grade

Well, it finally happened.  My little boy turned into a big boy and went off on the school bus to school. . .all by himself.  And then he came home, too.  All by himself. 

He picked out his clothes, all by himself, the night before and had them laid out on top of his dresser.  In the morning, I had gotten up early enough to work out and then make some doughnuts and sliced strawberries for him.  And we just talked about what his day would be like.  I explained where everything was in his backpack--all of the pencils, dry erase markers, folders, tissues, etc. . .I even put his Student Code in a special pocket of his lunch box and his bus number in a special pocket of his backpack.  And then we just talked.

And then it was time to go.  I had to have my annual porch picture, though!!

And for comparison sake, here is when he was three and heading off to his first day of Preschool!!
See what I mean?  He's not a baby anymore at all!!  : ( 

Anyway. . .

We headed up the street to the bus stop, which is really close.  And began our first day of school wait for the bus.

Aidan kept looking for Charlie, our neighbor and then she got there.  What a sweetie!!!  First thing she asked was if he wanted to sit by her on the bus.  How cute is that?
And then the bus arrived and the kids got on and headed off for the day. . .

I, choking a little on the held back tears (Aidan is so calm and matter of fact about things!), headed home to keep myself busy.  I cleaned out the front bedroom that has all of the craft supplies, wrapping papers and small holiday decorations.  Then I cleaned out my closet and discovered I have ten bags of clothing to give away between what I got from my closet and what I had gotten a few weeks ago from Aidan's closet--they come to pick that up tomorrow morening.  Then I cleaned the floors (yes, Sofia came on Friday), then I did some laundry and ironing while I watched a two hour movie--needed to fill some time.  Then I updated our Norton Anti-virus and balanced the checkbook. 

And then it was just about time to go back to the bus stop to wait for the kids to come home.  Pat got off work on time and was able to join me, that was really cool!  So, off we went. . .and here came the bus!!

 And there was my little dudely!!!

I was so glad to see him. 

Back at home, I unpacked the backpack where I discovered that Aidan hadn't eaten much of his lunch (okay, big worry here!  No more Winwood lunches where he eats 2 to 3 servings every day!!) but I will have to let it go and hope he gets hungry enough to just learn to eat.  The school lunch is $3.00 so I have told him he can buy it once a wek. . .haven't seen a menu yet, though!

And, I also discovered my annual mountain of paperwork to fill out and sign.  Check!!  Completed it and am sending it back to school today in the backpack.

Statistics on Aidan as of 8/27/2012:

48 3/4" tall--if you're keeping track, yes, that's another inch taller since the beginning of July!
53.4 pounds.
Clothing size:  7
Shoe size:  1 1/2
Proof positive that my baby has in fact turned into a boy, one who is growing by leaps and bounds and is getting incredibly smart too.

And there you have it.  The beginning of another school year.  One in which I know my kid will continue to grow and learn and continue the process of shaping into the person he will become. 

Thank goodness for pictures which will help me remember him how he was!! 

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Laura said...

Wow -- you must be so proud of Aidan -- going on a bus to/from school alone! And I'm in awe with you and how much you got done that day...please - send me some of that energy this way STAT!

Can you believe all the "homework" we as parents get filling out all those forms? Best wishes to your big First Grader!