Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Teacher, Football, Alarm systems, and New Glasses

Although I have been working really hard lately to get us more organized, I feel more disorganized than I have felt in a long time!  I think it's just because we ave been so busy doing things we don't normally do.  Hopefully, with the advent of school, things will settle down into a groove that will begin to feel normal and my organizing efforts will really begin to take effect.

We did get the freezers cleaned out and organized and now we will go to Costco next weekend and stock up on the meats we are low on and will then be prepared for several months of only needing to buy breads, fruits and vegetables.  Good deal!!

My mother in law fell again and popped her hip out on Wednesday evening.  So, our plans changed for Friday.  But, that's okay.  I've been suffering from a cold for the past week so it was actually good for me to take it a little bit easy on Friday--sleep in and do quiet things with Aidan.  Not very exciting for the kiddo, but he survived.

Thursday, I took a two hour lunch and went and picked up Aidan from Winwood.  After a quick lunch at Chik-fil-et--which was insanely crowded!!--we went over to Aidan's school and met his new teacher, Ms. Jenkins.  We really like her a lot!!!  She is sweet and young and seems to really care about the children.  Now, this is a first impression, but I really feel good about her!!  Aidan found his new desk--he actually has a desk now!!--and made me laugh a bit when he said, what is this box thing? (his desk) Too funny!  The boy is used to just have a table and a cubby. . .not an actual desk!  We also found his mailbox and I filled out a couple of forms and brought home more homeworkto fill out.  When we got home, I got his back pack all packed up and ready and now all we have to do is get him and his supplies to school on time on Monday morning. . .the bus will do this this year!  : (

Thursday night, Aidan participated in the Opening Ceremony for Central Loudoun Football League.  It was held at Tuscarora High School, where he will eventually go.  We gathered by one of the end zones where the boys just played and were like a pack of puppies just having a good time.

And then they got to run onto the field. . .being cheered on by the cheerleaders!!!  Cute.  Our Knights were chasing the Dragons, being first and second respectively.

Aidan is a fast little runner!!!

Friday night, we had planned on going out to dinner--which we did eventually do--after Aidan's practice.  However, it was delayed because we bought, and had installed, a new alarm system!  It's pretty cool.  It's monitored by Vivant.  It has police, burglary, glass breakage and fire monitoring.  And, we have a silent monitor on the Man Cave door--preparing for our teenage years with a room where there is alcohol.  It's really cool because I can monitor it through my phone while away and can adjust the house temperature, check the camera feed (watching the dogs is pretty funny) and turn a light on in the Living Room.  I can even arm and disarm it while away.  And I will get a message on my phone anytime anything happens.  Cool!  I just need to get a certificate showing what we have and then we'll get a nice discount on our Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Because of the Alarm System installation, we didn't get to bed until really late on Friday.  Fortunately, we didn't have to be at the football feild until 9:30 on Saturday. . .where the Knights played the Dragons in the first game of our season.  They lost, but it was 4 to 3 and Aidan scored the first touch down for the Knights!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  It was really exciting.  Aidan played really really good on both Offense and Defense and, actually, stayed in the game the entir time.  For the most part, I think the boys had fun and the coaches were pleased that they were really coming together as a team.

The afternoon was spent at the eye doctor where all three of us has our prescriptions updated. . .big money!!  Thank goodness for insurance and Care Flex!!  Poor Aidan, though.  Miserable little guy by the end of that long appointment.  We will plan that differently in the future! 

And now today it is going to rain all day.  This rain is not Isaac, but I think we will have rain for a few days because of Isaac keeping our bad weather front here.  No playing outside today.  : (  Fortunately, we had already planned to go ice skating this afternoon and then Aidan and Pat will go to a Stick and Shoot to practice some moves in preparation for Aidan's evaluation skate--this coming Thursday!!! 

That's about it for now.  Next up:  First Day of School pictures!


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Barb said...

Loving the football pictures:) Good gracious, Aidan is growing up so fast! btw, sweet deal on the alarm, but is posting about it the reason there's a weird comment above mine?!?!

Joy said...

I bet all those years of ice skating is what is making him run so fast. I can not wait to see him in his new glasses.

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