Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Interlude

I have to share a good chuckle that I had that also included a bit of hilarity and heart squeezing.

Last week, while driving Aidan to Winwood, I decided to begin the process of preparing him to ride the Big Yellow School Bus.  I told him I would take him to the bus stop each morning and then he would get on the bus with the other neighborhood children and go on to school.  The afternoons he would take the Winwood bus over to Winwood.

That seemed to go well.  At least at first. 

The trouble started when I said he would take the Big Yellow School Bus home on the first day of school and then start taking the Winwood bus the second day.

"So, I'll be on the bus with Charlie, Ava, Scottie and Logan?"  Well, yes, but not Ava because she will be going to the Midde School this year.  "Won't she be Charlie's sister anymore?"  (???)  Well, yes she will.  But, she will just go to a different school.  She'll still live at home right next door and Doug and Lia will still be her Mama and Daddy and Charlie will still be her sister.  "When will I go to that school like Ava?"  Not for a few years, sweetie.  "Will Ava still be there?"  Well, no.  She'll be at the High School by then.  But Charlie will still be there.  "So, Ava will then go on to College and get married?"  Well, yes, after she finishes high school.  "When will I get married and have children?"  Well, after you finish high school and go to college, then you will get married and have children.  "So, everyone is going to be a grown up before me????"  oh my. . .Well, not everyone.  It will all work out okay, really.  "So, Daddy will be a Grandpa when I have children???"  Well, after you find a wonderful lady and want to marry her and then you have children then Mommy and Daddy will be a Grandma and Grandpa.  "But, I don't WANT that to happen!!!! (sobbing now)"  Why not, sweetie?  It's really okay.  Honest.  "But, then Grandma and Grandpa will be with God in heaven!!!!  (wailing)" 

And all because I thought it would be a good idea to start talking about taking the Big Yellow School Bus to school.  That'll teach me!!!


sonflowerjax said...

Oh my! Literally laughing out LOUD! How adorable! Oh how their minds work! :)

Joy said...

He is too funny! If you ask Anna how old she will be on her next birthday it is 18. Yikes the thought of them growing up.