Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Friday Frolic

We have really been enjoying the Olympics.  The swimming, the diving, the gymnastics, etc.  Our only complaint is that they come on so late!  So, we started DVR'ing the entire day and are now playing it back.  Works nice because we can now see other things and fast forward and really watch what we want.  I never saw synchonized diving before.  Love it!

Aidan has been really cute with these Olympics.  The other day, I told him that the Women's gymnastics was on and that the USA and Russia were expected to be battling it out for the gold.  He said to me, "I'd like to root for Russia.  Is that okay?"  Of course it is!!  You can root for whomever you want.  It's okay.  "Will you root for Russa with me?"  Of course I will.  I'd be happy to.  "We can root for the USA, too!"  : )  I love my boy!!! 

Aidan's flag football begins practicing next week. I'v heard that they have two practices a week until school starts and then just one a week for the eight week season.  I've been a bit preturbed with this league because they have not been very forthcoming with information.  For instance, they sent out a big message saying when equipment pick up would be, this Saturday and the times.  And a list of equipment people need to buy. . .for tackle football.  Nothing for flag.  So, I finally emailed and found out that we are to buy a mouthpiece and cleats and they will provide the rest. . .I assume when we meet for practice. . .I guess we will find out soon when and where the practices are.  All I told Pat was that Aidan's hockey will take top priority for this fall over football.  We'll do the football, but any conflicts will go in the favor of hockey:  $100.00 for football v. $100.00 x 11 for hockey.  You do the math and tell me which one you would focus on!!

Speaking of Hockey, Aidan finished up his last Mini Mites Skills Class this past Wednesday.  He has two more Games: this Sunday and then the one after.  Then, he will be done with Mini Mites!  Forever.  (sniff)  All of the coaches say Aidan is definitely ready for Mites.  He is borderline on age, but he is big for his age and his skill level is definitely there and at times higher.  He has his evaluation skate for team placement on August 30th.  I'll probably feel like Aly Raisman's mom during that skate!  : )

Here's Aidan with his fellow Mini Mites:

He is in the front row sitting on the ice and is the first white jersey from the left.

Yesterday, President Obama was here in Leesburg giving a speach at Loudoun County High School.  If you will remember, he came to Leesburg back in 2008 during his initial campaign and spoke at the park across the street.  This was so much nicer because, while several streets were closed, none were main arteries so traffic didn't get backed up.  And, he flew in and out over our house!  Aidan went out on the driveway and waved. . .cute!  He was very excited by the President being so close.

Summer Camp is moving along.  I can't believe Aidan only has three weeks left!  But, he's been having some fun.  He went to Volcano Island at Algonkian Park in Sterling this week and then to a Carnival at Frying Pan Farm Park.  The Carnival was fun, but I think the teachers and kids may have gotten a bit over heated.  Aidan apparantly had an upset stomach after one of the rides and so they all sat down for a water break.  I've been thinking we might try something a little different next summer. . .but we have the winter to think it through.  We'll see. . .

Today begins Virginia's Tax Free Weekend!!!!  We're going up to the Outlet Mall this evening to buy us all new shoes and then to Target to buy Aidan's school supplies.  We may also go to Kohl's, depending on the time, for jeans and socks.  Tomorrow we will head over to Dulles Town Center for the rest of the school clothes: shirts, pants, underpants, etc.  We will also go to Dick's Sporting Goods for those cleats and mouthguard.  And, I'll order the new backpack from LL Bean that Aidan has requested.  By tomorrow night, Aidan should be completely outfitted for school. . .at least until Christmas which is when I will likely have to replace jeans again. . .  : ) 

I also plan to go to Yankee Candle to replenish some of my candle supply.  I love that place and their candles!  I saw an add recently for some Man Candles so I thought I might buy Pat one for his Man Cave:  Grass Clippings or Garage or something like that.  Amusement value alone will make it worth it!

The only other thing going on with us these days is that we have decided to deactivate our Facebook accounts.  We had made a family decision to not go on it when we are with eachother and I found I could really only go on there a couple of times during the day.  I found it somewhat annoying because of so much politics. . .which is fine, but we get enough of that on TV, phone calls, emails, etc.  It usually put me in a bad mood anyway.  So, this seems like a good decision.  We didn't delete it, just deactivated it.  To see how it goes.  Haven't missed it, though I may go back on for Hockey season!  My friends and I like to talk about it.  We'll see. ..

This is the second weekend without the house keeper.  In addition to shopping, I'm hoping to finish the corner shelves in the office and clean out my closet.  That's the plan.  I'm hoping to stick to it!  I'll be glad when Sofia comes back. . .


Barb said...

I love synchronized diving . . . it is amazing to watch! Man, you are one busy lady:)

sonflowerjax said...

Go Aidan! I'll be excited to read your post Aug 30th! ...cheering from SJ!

Joy said...

Deactivating FB is not a bad thing. Gerard and I had a big conversation about this very topic. Gerard is not into FB. He actually believes that it causes trouble in relationships. Usually when we are together I try not to look at it. I guess from now on I will just have to text you GO CAPS!

We are going to Virginia this weekend to see the horses on Chincoteague Island. Glad to know that the TAX free season has started.