Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, August 20, 2012

Football and Super Heros

Aidan's first football scrimage was a success.  There was a last minute cancellation to the pictures, so we got to sleep in an extra hour and not have to be at the field until 8:30. . .small favors.  The boys had fun, although I can't help feeling that the coaches are trying to teach them some pretty complicated things.  It would probably be wiser to begin simply and then build from there. . .in any case, here are some pictures.  I forgot my camera--can you believe that???  so thank goodness for smart phones!!!  I won't bore you with the videos I took. . .

That is Aidan leading the pack. . .he had some really great runs.  I was stunned and very impressed by the effort I saw on his face.  I mean he was really working it!!

In years past, Pat and I counted down the weeks until Pre-Season football.  With Aidan being so involved in hockey, our focus has shifted quite a bit--almost all to hockey.  However, I think with Aidan being involved in football now, in addition to the hockey, perhaps our focus will now shift back a little again to football.  I think we're into the Pre-Season now for NFL.  I guess I need to start paying attention again and get Aidan to watch some of those games!  What did I do with that Redskins schedule????  : )

We did get his teacher assignment:  Ms. Jenkins.  I haven't heard anything about her and neither has our neighbor who has had two kids go through first grade at our school.  So, this is a good thing.  We will meet her on Thursday.  The classroom shouldn't be as crowded as last year as she will only have one group of students rather than a morning group and an afternoon group and only half of the alphabet comes for the Open House at a time. 

Saturday afternoon we met friends at the Franklin Park pool where the kids played for a couple of hours.  We then went to thier house for pizza.  Pat had to work, but he came by in the bucket truck and gave the kids rides in the bucket--huge hit!!  After, we got pictures of the boys being super heros.  : )

This will be a short week for us.  Aidan's day care is closed on Friday so I have the day off and Pat is taking the day off.  We're planning to go up to Baltimore for the day and go to the National Aquarium and then have lunch at the Inner Harbor and then head back.  Next weekend we all have eye doctor appointments and then we need to go to the grocery store and Costco and stock up on school lunch supplies.  I cleaned out all three freezers this weekend and pantry shelves too in preparation.  I am hoping to stay organized (right) and prepared for all three meals every day (I hope and pray).  I've got to at least try with our crazy hectic schedule!!! 

Finally, yesterday was the last day at our church for our priest.  It was sad. . .and happy for him.  They are moving on to a church in need of his skills in Falls Church.  I'm sure his skills will help them grow on many levels.  It was a sad day for those of us at St. James', but I also think this will be good to help the people there know that the work being done there is not about the priest but about God.  Change is never easy.  But, it is usually necessary.

Have a great week!

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