Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hot and Cold Activities

It's Friday!!!

Another crazy week.  Aidan's football schedule is twice a week until school starts and then it will be once a week.  He is really liking it.  He's having fun learing some of the moves and how to play the game.  It is flag football, so he's having a hard time remembering to not tackle.  Fortunately, he hasn't tackled anyone yet, which is a good thing because he is one of the biggest boys on the team.  He would probably flatten some of the little guys!  Here are some pictures from this weeks practices:

Learning blocking techniques.

The boys are really having a good time.  The two dads are good and knowledgable but tend to try and teach the boys fancy moves.  Kinda funny.  They look at him and say, What do you mean, Coach??  They'll get it and they are having fun.  That's what counts. 

Our team is the Knights.  Aidan has his pictures tomorrow at 8:00 and then his first scrimmage at 9:00.  I think the coaches are nervous!  : )  cute.

Pat's work schedule has been insane lately.  He has been filling shifts left and right for a couple of weeks now.  He's off today, thank goodness, and will go and help his parents with some things at their house.  Hi mom popped her hip out again yesterday and had to have it put back in under anesthesia.  She seems to be recovering fine.  However, it happened when she just bent down to tie her shoes!  So, slip on shoes are the order of the day, I think.  : )  She's doing well and it does not appear that this added any problems for Pat's dad, which is a good thing.  Pat works double shifts tomorrow and Sunday, so we're hoping to go out to dinner tonight and get in some family time.  We are also planning to go to the mall to buy my sisters birthday present. . .got some ideas!

Aidan has his last Mini Mites game for ever last Sunday.  : (  sniff.  I'm going to miss those little guys!!  He has two weeks until the Evaluation skate for Mites but we'll likely go to the rink to practice skating and do a Stick and Shoot or two.  I'm sure he'll practice on the Pipestem, too.  Here are pictures from the last ever Mini Mites game:

Watching and waiting for his chance to steal the puck and skate away. . .if he just wouldn't steal it from his own teammates!!!  : )

Today is our last big payment to Winwood and then next week we will start the Afterschool Care fee.  Yippee!!!!  One week left of Summer Camp.  This week they went to a Water Park on Tuesday and then the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum on Thursday.  Aidan was excited to see a Space Shuttle up close and personal. . .although he was a bit surprised that it wasn't bigger.  He's had a great summer.  Next week they have Reptiles Alive coming and and place called Mad Science--making chalk and Floam.  Then they have the big end of summer party on Thursday and are closed on Friday.

We should be getting Aidan's teacher assignment tomorrow or Monday.  Next Thursday, I'll take a two hour lunch and go get Aidan and take him to meet his new teacher during the Annual Open House.  I don't know anything about the teachers so I just hope he gets someone interested in teaching and loves being around children. 

What a strange summer this has been. . .I whined about the heat all during July and really dreaded August, which hasn't been too bad--so far.  And this summer has really zoomed by.  We've been incredibly busy, but have had some good times.  One more week and we're into our fall schedule.  It just seems to be going so fast.  I guess that's what happens when you have an active kid!

Have a great weekend!

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Laura said...

Wow -- what a busy time for you! And exciting...awaiting the new teacher info and meeting the new teacher.

Aidan is just growing up so fast. All the best for a great week in prep for a new school year!