Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Confessions of a Blogger

A new writer in residence. . .if only it wouldn't be on the walls or floors!
Confession: I can't stand the site of the clothes I wore in Russia! Fortunately, it hasn't been an issue until the last couple of days, which have been much cooler than it had been. I'd just rather not wear the jeans and shirts that I word three and four times without washing. . .And I don't care if I never see Pat's Sloopy Joe's Tshirt again!

We've been home two weeks now and life has slipped into a groove. Aidan has been very clingy and wants to be held all of the time today. I don't think he has been feeling very well. I'm pretty is sure it's because of the pollen. Virginia is deep into the Spring thing right now. . .

Since our horrible Sunday, Aidan has been pretty good. Changeable, but still good. Monday we took him to Gander Mountain in Winchester, which is an outdoors store that specializes in hunting paraphanalia. We went to purchase some camoflage for him with some money he had received. The only thing they had for toddlers had a trike stitched into the front with the words "My first ATV." I'm going to order him something from Cabelas when we get closer to Fall. He won't be hunting, so don't think I'd allow a gun anywhere near my little guy! But, he will go scouting with Daddy when the time comes.

On the way home from Gander Mountain, we hadn't even gotten out of Winchester when we experienced our first bout of projectile vomit. It wasn't pretty. . .The back of the Neon and the second car seat required a thorough scrubbing down. I don't know what caused the bout, but at least it didn't last! And, Aidan did not have a fever and he seemed fine after ward, except for wanting to be cleaned up right away! Who wouldn't!

Yesterday, we went to Lowe's and bought some bedding plants for Aidan to help me with--hopefully on Friday. After that, we went and picked up Pat's mom and dad and took everyone out to dinner. Aidan goes out to dinner so good! I'm very impressed with him in this regard as, until us, he had never gone out to dinner!

While out, we discovered that he can say 'Car'. I suspect he can say much much mores. Because, when we got home, Pat gave him a bath and then took him up to bed. But, on the way, Pat told Aidan to tell Mama he loves her. Normally, his response is "NO!" But, this time he looked at me, said "Bye-Bye, Mama, I love you!" I was so stunned! It brought tears to my eyes. As I said, I think the little guy will wake up one day and just start spouting off all kinds of words. . .

Today he got up and was clingy all day and whined to be picked up all day long. No fever, but I just don't think he feels well. I'm not sure if it is a cold or allergies or what. But, he stayed good all day.

Tonight a friend brought us dinner. Yummy! Salad with chicken and strawberrys, bread, mozzerella and tomato salad and a nice white wine. Lovely! It was the second dinner brought to us and I can't tell you how wonderful and helpful that is!

Aidan went to bed a few minutes ago with no problem at all and now I am off to bed myself. Tired. . . Must get up early to run and shower. . .



Anonymous said...

Ok.... what he said brought tears to my eyes! BEAUTIFUL! I am sure all of those words he has heard in the past couple of weeks are storing up in his incredible mind and will start flying out soon. The vomit thing.... something you will never get used to, but will always have the strength to conquer! LOVE YOU!

Tamara said...

Boy I hear you about the clothes we wore in Russia. I contemplated having a bonfire when we got home! I did actually trash a couple things I just couldn't stand wear ever again. So glad to hear Aidan is adjusting and things are going well for you all.

Lori said...

Dibs on the Sloppy Joe's T.