Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And a Glorious Easter to you all!

Well, now that I am feeling a bit more rested after our very busy weekend, I can finally give an account of how our Easter went. It was awesome!

But, let me begin a bit before. . .

On Thursday, I had planned to take Aidan to Maundy Thursday services and experience the ceremonial foot washing that our church observes. There is a children's service for this that explains, in children's terms, what it's all about and the why's and werefores. Because this is an observance I really enjoy every year, and because I am sensitive to those who do the footwashing (having been there before!) I always get a good pedicure. So, I took a half day off and went and got a pedicure. . .then I went grocery shopping for our Easter dinner and home again to get ready. . . Only to find out that Aidan had been all over Loudoun County with the sitter on Thursday--doctor for her son, then to the lab, then to the grocery store ( a really big one in Sterling no less!) and lunch on the go in the car. . .Nap only lasted an hour. So, no church for us! He was a demonic monster times a thousand!!! And, because Pat was on the midnight shift, no vigil for me this year either. . .

Ah well, there was always Good Friday!!!

I had the whole day off for Good Friday. I got up at my usual time; did my run; got Aidan up, dressed and fed and off to the sitters we went. When I got home I had enough time to boil the eggs for dying and to clean the entire main floor of our house, including hand scrubbing the wood floors! Then shower and dressed and off to church I went at noon for the Three Holy Hours. I prepared myself to be moved--to reflect and meditate on my relationship with God and how I can improve it.

I was not disappointed!!

I love the Good Friday service for this very reason. And, it always ends with the Stations of the Cross. The only thing is, for the last couple of years the reserved sacrament isn't consumed until the evening service which means that the Altar Candle is left lit. . .it really takes away from the service that the Light of Christ is still there. . .but, more people are reached if it isn't extinguished until the evening service.

Anway, after that, I went to pick up Aidan, who was much more rested, and was told that two of the children had Croup. Great! But, Aidan seemed fine. So far!

Back at home, we had our dinner and bath and then began the process of dying our Easter Eggs:

On Saturday, I had to keep Aidan occupied and quiet while Pat slept. He got off work at 7:00 am and pretty much usually naps until around 3 or 4. So, We stayed in the basement most of the time (it was raining anyway) and I did laundry and some ironing. Then "we" set the table for Easter dinner. Once Pat was up, I was able to get the upstairs cleaned and then vacuumed the house. Prep work for Easter dinner commenced and Pat graciously took over bath duty.

This gave me a chance to get the Easter basket and our dyed eggs out and get them ready for Aidan to put outside for the Easter bunny to take.

Pat then went to take a nap in preparation for going to work at 11:00 pm and Aidan and I went to watch a movie until his bed time. When we came back upstairs, the basket and eggs were gone! Whisked away by the Easter bunny! : )

Easter morning dawned bright and beautiful, but cold! 30 degrees! Yikes!!! But, I was determined to wear Spring clothes to church even if we did get cold!!

When I came downstairs, the Easter bunny had arrived with the basket filled with goodies which was put on a beautifully decorated kitchen table. . .

Once Pat came home, we had a blast showing Aidan his basket:

The Peeps didn't stand a chance!

The rest of the day was fantastic. Aidan and I went off to church while Pat slept. Church, which was packed to the gills with people stacked 4 and 5 deep at the back and coming down the sides of the church and the pews were sooo full!! (where are all of these folks each Sunday???) went well. . .until the sermon. About mid-way through, Aidan turned to me, put his little hands on each of my cheeks and yelled--at the top of his lungs--"MAMA!! I GOTTA GO POOP!!" Mortified, but still very pleased that he told me, I took his little hand and off to the bathroom we went. . .sigh. . .

In the afternoon, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt B and UB came for dinner. And Aunt B helped out with the Easter egg hunt!

It was truly a glorious Easter. I didn't get to church as much as usual, but I'm not losing my Religion. . . : ) We really enjoyed our Easter so much!

Ah, but now Aidan has Croup! Well, it was a good, healthy three month run with no colds or cough! I should feel lucky. . .and I do. For all of it: our families, Pat, Aidan and for the Glorious Resurrection of Christ!

God Bless.


Troy and Rachel said...

So glad you enjoyed Easter! Loved seeing all the pictures! Kids have so much fun dying eggs!

Joy said...

What a nice recap. I felt like I was right there with you. I have never heard of the Easter bunny taking the eggs and basket the night before. I love that idea.

I hope Aidan is feeling better soon.
I love the pictures.

Chris Goeppner said...

Sounds like you had a busy and fun Easter!;) How funny that he yelled in church that he needed to "poop"!! He'll LOVE hearing that story when he's older!;) So, I guess potty training is going well? Jadon is doing great too. What a relief to be done with changing diapers!!:))