Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miscellaneous stuff. . .

So these past few days have been hectic, to say the least! Pat has been on the 3-11 shift so Aidan and I have been flying solo in the evenings. Home, dinner, bath, playtime and then bed. . .except that Aidan has been having a hard time going to sleep before 10:00! Now, those of you who know me well will say to yourselves, "But, Stacy's end of the day comes at 9:00! And, it really happens at 9:00!" And, I will agree. Except that it's hard when you have a toddler still going at full steam at 9:00! Well, but Pat is home this evening and is able to take over the bath chore for Mama and hopefully bedtime will come easier. . .please!?

Aidan has been really, really good lately. . .and really, really bad. . .

So, the good:

He hasn't had an accident of any kind since Saturday! He has been going pee pee and poop on the potty all the time, home and at Daycare, everyday since Sunday! I'm so proud of my little guy! And, he has been staying dry during nap and nighttime, too! I told him that if he stays dry at night through this whole week, we'll ditch the diapers and go for pull ups at night. He woke up the other night and called out to me. When I went to him he said he had to go potty. When we went in to the bathroom he went big time! Truly, it was almost an audible potty training click on Sunday morning when it started happening. I haven't even been using the timer. He either tells me he has to go, or he goes on into the bathroom to take care of business. It's awesome. Way to go Dudely! Funny that it happened exactly one year after he came out of the orphanage!

And, now the bad:

He is acting like a teenager! He has been making commands and has been moody and tempermental at times. Mostly, he is a sweet loving little boy, and then someone, or something, flips his switch and the little monster comes out and he is a demanding little demon that still looks like my cute little Dudely! I have had to constantly remind him to say please and thank you so that his commands aren't so commanding. I think it's a phase. . .

So, now we're looking forward to the Easter Bunny coming. But, first, I'll take him to the Maundy Thursday service with foot washing tomorrow night. I wonder how he'll like that???

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Joy said...

I think it is truly amazing that he is staying dry. They are so funny when they are training.