Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, April 24, 2009

Twin Cousins

I grew up as one of eight cousins on my mothers side of the family. We were very close as young children. My mothers older sister had three boys, my mother had three girls and my mothers younger sister had one girl and one boy. We were our Grandmothers "Little People."

The girl cousin, Nancy, is two months older than me and the youngest boy cousin from my mothers older sister is about three months younger than me. We three were the "babies" for about five years before the next boy cousin came along and then my younger sister about two years after that.

Anyway, my cousin Nancy and I were/are twin cousins. We were dressed alike by our mothers, sometimes on purpose and sometimes not. We both had long blonde hair and blue eyes as children. She stood taller, but I sat taller (these things are important to children!) We saw each other enough (nearly every week) that we practically grew up together our first few years.

During family gatherings, which happened almost every weekend, or close to it!, Nancy and I would play and pretty much torment our boy cousins--that's what little girls do!

Our grandmother had nicknames for most of us, but ours were special. . .of course. . .Fancy Nancy and Lacy Stacy. We still call each other these names although our Grandmother passed in 1991.

Some of my fondest memories as a little girl are of playing with Nancy. We used to make a game of dressing up in lacy slips, pulling on rain boots and then marching around the yard (the front yard, no less!) with our batons pretending to be Majorettes. Funny little girls we were!

Another time we were at a family gathering at our great aunt and uncles. I remember being in a rubber boat with Nancy in the pool and our great uncle Bill coming up out of the water next to the boat and pretending to be a walrus. . .He looked like one, too!

Nancy grew up and married a fabulous guy, Stanley. They have one wonderful son, Max. How funny we grew up to have such similar lives and families!!! I told you we were twins.

Anyway, today is Nancy's birthday. Happy birthday, Fancy Nancy! May your day be bright, fun and filled with all kinds of Max laughter!

Lacy Stacy

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socalnative said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and the fond, sweet memories! Oh to be a child again! We will always be twin cousins of the moonchildren clan.