Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cold or Allergies????

Well, maybe a bit of both. All last week, Aidan wasn't feeling well. I thought it was a cold/flu, but it got progressively worse as the week went on. On Thursday, he went outside to play some, about an hour (the weather was beautiful!), and by dinner, his nose was running, his eyes were tearing--so much so that it looked like he was crying, but he wasn't!--and he was coughing so much he could hardly eat! What was going on??? I made the decision right then to stay home with him the next day and get him into the doctor.

He seemed to sleep well Thursday night and wasn't worse the next day, although he still wasn't really himself. At nap time, he walked up the stairs with me and when we got to the top I could hear him wheezing. Uh oh! I put him to bed thinking I needed to check the Albuterol supply and possibly get out the nebulizer.

We woke him up early from his nap and off to the doctor we went. A full check up later (35.6 pounds, no ear infection and no fever!!) and we wound up deciding that Aidan has a cold that is being compounded by allergies. Sure enough, back to the nebulizer we go--every 4 hours for a few days and then weaning back down to twice a day. Great. And, we are also now taking Benadryl with the further admonishment to stop all cold medicines. This will likely continue for the duration of bloom time (everything is blooming right now!!)

Friday night, though, he seemed even worse. He woke up at 2:00 am and never really went back to sleep. It was fun! : )

This weekend was the Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival, my favorite and something I look forward to every year. I wanted to go so bad! What to do??? So, we packed Aidan into our nice stroller, dosed him up with Benadryl, got him his Cranberry/Water juice drink and stocked up on tissues and off we went. We left the house a little after 10:00 and headed straight into town. We went first to see the kid stuff--face painting/ fishing pond/ clown/ balloons to make sure Aidan got to see all of that. While there, we picked up a DNA/ID kit from the police to get Aidan's information done.

We checked him to be sure he was okay and sure enough, kiddo was sacked out a little after 11:00. We were able to walk around the festival for a couple more hours and really enjoy ourselves while Aidan slept comfortably in the stroller. We were home and lounging on the deck by 2:00--the weather was perfect!-- and Aidan slept until almost 4:00.

Aidan slept much better Saturday night but we made the decision to keep him home from church on Sunday, opting to go see Grandma and Granpa instead. And what did he do there? Well, he went riding on a Riding Lawnmower, of course! What else do you do when you have allergies on top of a cold??? : )

Today we're back to our usual routine. The cold is still there, but has improved a great deal. The allergies, well, not so much. But, at least we know what that is and the benadryl and nebulizer help alleviate the symptoms. Resting more is out of the question. There is just really no keeping this boy down!


Troy and Rachel said...

Yuck!! It's tough not knowing exactly what is making them feel so bad and then I always feel so helpless. I hope he's feeling much better.

Joy said...

Oh I hope he is feeling better.

By the way what a great idea about the DNA kit. I never thought about it but not being a biological parent where would I get DNA for my child to refer to if I needed it.

Is this something that is done as a state program or is it a private company that does this?