Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just a few things

First, today marks the second anniversary of the shootings at Virginia Tech. Please pray with us as we remember the 32 killed, and the several injured, on that fateful day. . .

Second, GO CAPS!!! The Washington Capitals are in the Playoffs this year. They are awesome. In part this is due to five Russians who have come over to play in the NHL. Two of note are Alexander Ovechkin, a truly great hockey player, and Alexander Semin. Mr. Semin is of greater note to us because his hometown is actually Krasnoyarsk, Russia! That is where Aidan was born. . .

Third, Aidan is doing sooooo great with the potty training! He hasn't had an accident in nearly two weeks; we are doing naps in his underpants (no pull ups!); and we are about a day away from doing just pull ups at night! Then, it will be NO MORE DIAPERS!! Woo Hoo!! I haven't even used the timer with him since the first week. He just goes when he needs to and lets us know if he needs help, primarily when he poops. I'm so proud of him.

Unfortunately, he is really sick right now. His cough and nasal drainage has only gotten worse all week and, in fact, his eyes were just streaming during dinner. Poor little guy. I already had a doctors appointment scheduled for tomorrow afternoon to make sure it's not in his ears, but I think I'll keep him home and try to get into the doctor earlier.

Other news is that we have Aidan scheduled to start swimming lessons at the beginning of May; he'll start ice skating lessons in June or July; and we scheduled his third birthday party to be at the Ashburn Ice House. . .Ice Skating on his birthday!! : )

Finally, Aidan is also signed up for Preschool beginning in Mid-September. He'll be going two mornings a week at our church and will also start Sunday School at about the same time. I'm excited for him because these will be the children he goes to school with all the way through High School.

And so ends another day in paradise!

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Teresa said...

Hi Stacy!
I am just catching up and I am so happy to see you all doing well. I hope Aidan feels better soon. That is great that hs is potty trained! He looks so grown-up in that picture!
Have a great weekend...Teresa