Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Family Affair

Aidan is doing better. His cold is running the normal course and seems greatly improved over Monday. His nose is still running, but it is running and not getting caught up in his sinuses, so that is really good.

We seem to have a better handle on the allergy situation, too. We are pretty sure he has them because he was fine on Monday--it rained, and not on Tuesday--it was sunny. When he went outside to play on Tuesday, he came in with his eyes running and his nose running and coughing like crazy. I called the pediatrician and we are now giving him Zyrtec. This is so much better! It really alleviates his symptoms and we don't have to do the benedryl any more. I hated what the benedryl was doing--he pretty much passes out within a half hour of taking it! We had to do the benedryl 1 tsp every four hours but the Zyrtec is 1 tsp once a day. The Zyrtec still makes him drowsy, but not nearly as bad as the benedryl. Yeah!!

I'm so glad, too, because I can't even imagine trying to get Aidan to stay inside until blooming season is over. All he wants to do is be outside!

Of course, Daddy wishes he wouldn't fill in the fence post holes that have been dug!

But, now Pat and I have the cold. . .Should have known it would be a family affair!

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Troy and Rachel said...

I hope you and Pat feel bettre soon. I'm glad the Zyrtec is working for Aidan! We use that for that Daniel also and it is much better than the benadryl which knocks them out!!