Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Bye 2009!!! Hello 2010!!!!

And so, we begin a new year. . .less than 12 hours from now, 2010 will begin. What will this new year bring for us? We accomplished so much during 2009. . .the house projects are really coming along and will continue into the new year; Pat and I have settled into our roles as Mommy and Daddy and, I think really doing okay in that regard. . .today, that is!; Aidan is healthy, growing and thriving AND really learning sooooo much in school!

For the coming year, we have a few small resolutions: eating and drinking more healthfully (isn't that always on the list?); getting our house organized (also on the list every year!); and working on being better parents to Aidan. . .Should be doable. I pray!

I ended up with the day off today. I had planned on a half day and then pick up Aidan about noon, come home and have lunch and then put him down for a nap at which time I would begin the process of putting some of the house decorations away and doing some laundry. Mother Nature had other ideas! We woke up this morning to a couple of inches of snow. It was supposed to turn to freezing rain and sleet (it didn't) and so my office closed!

So, outside we went to play with the neighbor girls. . .

So, I'm still getting some of the decorations taken down and packed up and I even cleaned out the frig. . .that feels good! And, in our spare time, we have begun the process of tearing apart the Office in order to paint and put down the floor before the desk arrives on the 16th. . .what a lot of junk has accumulated in there over the past 10 years!!! YIKES!!

Another issue we have been dealing with lately, likely a growing issue, is that Aidan has been awake a lot at night. He has been walking around a bit, too. Most of the time we hear him leave his room. But, last night the nocturnal wanderings had taken their toll on Mommy and Daddy and we slept through Aidan getting up, going down to the Dining Room and then back to bed again! We both even woke up at different points, got up to check on him and, finding him sleeping in his bed, went back to bed. . .I don't know when he went for his walk, but he had left his Caps Kids hat by the China Cabinet. . .Hopefully, this stage will pass quickly. Not sure I like it much!!

And so, I wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year! My prayers are with you all throughout 2010!!


Barb said...

Happy New Year . . . hope you had a great evening! Our oldest slept-walked a few times - it really freaked me out. I hope Aidan grows out of it soon:-)

Teresa & Kevin said...

That's great that your office closed! What a treat!
The pictures are adorable!
Have a Very Happy New Year!!

Kristine said...

Your header is ADORABLE!!!

Happy New Year!!

Your NY goals sound a lot like mine...