Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Has Come And Gone

So Halloween weekend has come and gone and All Saint's Day passed quietly enough.  I am finally able to sit down and put some Halloween pictures up on this here blog. . .

As you know, Saturday was quite snowy around here.  I think we got about 5 or 6 inches of snow.  It didn't all stick, but the world was white, nonetheless for several hours.  Aidan even commented that all of a sudden everything was all one color.  We do like the snow, but not the ice.  At least not the ice that happens on the roads, powerlines and anywhere else that might be dangerous for us humans!  And because our trees had only lost about 20% of the leaves so far, they were holding a LOT of snow in them. . .causing branches to come down. . .causing power outages.  And Daddy went to work. 

I think Pat left around noon on Saturday and didn't get home until about 8 or so Sunday morning.  Our friends cancelled for Saturday night so it was just me and Aidan.  We went to his hockey lesson (the Ice House rarely closes for snow!) and I'm really glad because we were able to be out for a bit.  Aidan did great, as usual and his coach even came up after Mini Mites and told Aidan how proud he was of him and how really good he's getting.  He's such a good coach for these little guys!  Aidan beamed the rest of the evening. . . .

We watched movies and just hung out in the basement that night and made the decision to skip church on Sunday in favor or sleeping in.  So glad!  Aidan and I slept until when Pat got home.  While Daddy slept for a few hours, Aidan and I got started carving pumpkins.  It was really chilly, even in the garage, so we decided to work on the two smaller ones in the kitchen.  Luckily, Daddy had brought our frozen pumpkins inside when he got home in the morning and they had defrosted by the time we got to work!

Aidan helped a lot, even with getting the gross glop out!

Visualizing how to carve this bad boy up. . .
 And I put him to work. . .with a very small carver. . .with almost over bearing supervision!  : )

Aidan's pumpkin ended up having it's mouth wide open and Aidan told me he was saying, "Why Mama???"  LOL. . .little stinker says that a lot to me and now I know he knows he says it a lot!!
And the really goofy other small pumpkin. . .

Then, after Daddy got up, we went to work on the two larger pumpkins.  We took them out to the garage where it was still chilly, but not as bad as it had been.  We worked for a couple of hours on them, Daddy on his and Aidan and I on the other one.  And when we were done, we had some really nice scary pumpkins.  I sprinkled them with some cinnamon on the inside (makes them smell better when lit) put in the special candles and we lit them to see how they looked. . .oooooohhhhhh!!!  And forgot to take pictures of the final product!!    But, here we are at work!

Monday was still chilly and because Aidan's costume was kind of thin, I made him put some warm PJ's underneath.  I knew we would have a big fight if I tried to get him to wear a jacket, so he wore some flannel PJ's and all was good.  He fussed at first, but later didn't say a word.  He seemed fine the entire evening.  Some friends came for some dinner and then we got the kids together and went to the parade. . .which was awesome!!! 

Introducing. . . .Aidan the Astronaut and Erin the Witch. . .Aren't they adorable???

After Trick or Treating, which Daddy took Aidan to while Mama stayed home to hand out candy, we gathered back at the house and went through the loot.  Have to check it all carefully, you know!!

We ate a fair amount and then, sufficiently sugared up, we all went to bed.  Until next year, Great Pumpkin!!!

Now to get my shopping list in order for Thanksgiving!


Joy said...

This was a very cool costume! I love it.

Melissa said...

Love the costume and it looks like he got lots of good candy. Great night! Your 5 or 6 inches became our 13+ inches with LOTS of trees down and power outages. Thannkfully not ours but Halloween was postponed. Yuck!