Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Report Card

Well, it's here!  My baby's first report card. 

The funny thing about Loudoun County is that for Kindergarten they give dots to denote that there is some knowledge or skill in an area that is not assessed at this time; E for Exceeds; M for Meets; P for Progressing Towards Standard; and B for Below Standard.

I am happy and very very pleased to tell you that Aidan received E's on all areas that were assessed in LAnguage Arts and dots in all areas not assessed!!!!  For Math, he received an E for Identifies, describes and extends patterns and M's for every other category!!!  He can recognize and read all sight words presented as well as most into what he needs to know in the third quarter.  In the category called Characteristics that Affect Learning, he received S's (Satisfactory) in all areas except two where he received N's (Needs Improvement).  The two N's are for Listens attentively and Uses self-control.  Hmmmm. . .same areas he has needed to improve in since he was two! 

Seriously, I am really proud of him.  He is doing so incredibly well!  We read every night: he reads a Bob book to us and we read a book to him.  I cannot express how pleasantly amazed I have been at his reading progress!  He was doing really well last year at Winwood, but whatever manner of teaching they are using in the Loudoun County School system is obviously a key for him.  The door has been not only unlocked but has been pushed wide open! 

Did I tell you that I am really really proud of him????


Anonymous said...

tell him Aunty Amy is VERY proud of him too:)!!!!

Shelly said...

Yeah Aiden!!

Anonymous said...

Well... smart kid... smart could he not be successful... Way to go, Aidan! -- Auntie Allison

Joy said...

Wonderful news! I know you must have been a little worried because of the transition. He is a smart kido.

Once I receive my invitation to pinterest I will send you one too.


PS. You do know you are on the short list for the new blog...right? LOL. I know you will love the news.