Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jackolanterns, Homework, Hockey and Being Thankful

Well, I found the Jackolantern pictures. . .on my phone!!!  I forgot that I had taken them with my phone because a friend dropped by right after I took them and we started talking, etc. . .Anyways, here they are!  Pat did one of the big ones; Aidan did the littlest one; I did the really weird and goofy looking one; and Aidan and I, together, did the other big one.  The beautiful human face mixed in is Aidan. . .in case you didn't know!

And the furry face belongs to Mosby. . .

We have been so hectic around here.  It's fall.  It's how it is.  But, really, now that we are adding homework and school activities in with the hockey and hunting, whew!  I'm getting some kind of tired!  But, it's a happy tired and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Aidan brings home his homework for the week on Mondays.  So far, he's been awesome about trying to get it done right away.  It's not due back until Thursday, the same day as his library book, but we have not handed it in any later than Wednesday.  And he's doing so good with it too!  He is sounding out nearly every word he sees now and, I think, is on the brink of full blown reading.  Miss Mandy, at Winwood, says they will be working on reading in the after school care beginning in January and I just know Aidan's reading abilities will really explode then!  He can read all of his sight words.  Now I need to work on writing them with him.  I'm going to pick up some paper today at Target to get on that.  His report card is due on November 16th.  I already know he'll be below on the counting to 25 part, but I also know he'll be exceeding in all other areas.  He has difficulty in saying thirteen and fourteen. . .it extends to when he says the thirtys and forties when counting, too.  We're working on that.  I know he knows it, it's just a matter of saying it correctly.  Meanwhile, we're also keeping up with his reading assignment that Mrs. Taylor has given him online.  We try to do a book or two every other day. 

Pat hunts most evenings after work and usually on Saturdays, so dinner and Saturday's hockey has been up to me.  Aidan and I have been having fun though.  On Thursdays, I pick him up and we head to McDonalds (not my best choice, but he loves it) and then we go to the Ice House to play and practice our moves.  The last two Thursdays in a row, we have run into his coach who takes the boys aside and works with them on their moves.  He's awsome with them.  At the end, they skate, in follow the leader fashion, around the rink and have to do the moves that Coach Joe does as they follow him.  I told one of the Dad's the other night that it reminds me of the Pied Piper. . .in a good  way!  I do stay on the ice with him, but I hang back.  You can't imagine how it warms my heart to see Aidan stepping out confidently and not being clingy with me!!  Such a confidence builder this has been for him!! Anyway, here is a brief clip of Aidan working on turns and skating faster.

Well now. . .today, I am working on my shopping list for Thanksgiving dinner. . . I can not believe we are less than three weeks away from Thanksgiving!!!!  AND I need to start thinking about the Advent Calendar and it's surprises. . .THAT begins in FOUR weeks!!!!  Yikes!!!  I have my menu set for Thanksgiving and know where and when I want to purchase things.  I just need to write it out so I can feel more organized in my mind about it.

Meanwhile, I have been gathering things for Christmas gifts since late summer.  I am nearly ready for my western living family and working steadily on my immediate and local family.  I'd love to be ready to ship things right after Thanksgiving.  It is such a relief to get that portion done and on it's way!!  I have been working on one item for each person while I watch Aidan at his hockey.  Sorry, I can't share what it is because those who will recieve it read this here blog!  : )  But, I'll show you on Christmas!!

And finally, before I head up to shower and get ready to take Aidan to Home Depot to make a birdhouse. . .I have to share that today marks four years since I saw my baby's face for the first time.  I got a call from our Social Worker at work, impatiently wanting me to open my email (funny thing, that!! I had been checking it up to that day every 5 minutes and the one day I didn't!!!. . . )

When I opened my email, I saw this face and burst into tears because my heart was so full of love!!!
I am thankful today for this little person who has become so huge in my heart and in my life.  God is so good!!

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