Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Really Good Saturday

Before Aidan came along, our fall was usually kind of hectic.  We would move from Pat's hectic work schedule of lots of overtime in the summer to Pat going off each weekend, as well as many weeknights, to go hunting.  Throw in a few overtime days due to fall storms and I had a lot of alone time. 

Now that Aidan has joined our little family, I am no longer alone, but we've added Aidan's hockey schedule to the mix. . .and now school activities and homework, too!!!  Life is crazy, but so much fun!!!

This Saturday, I had my usual errands to run. . .Dry Cleaners, Home Depot, Target. . .all before noon so we could get home and have lunch and then get dressed for an afternoon at the ice house and hockey.  We packed up the car and headed out about a quarter to ten.

And there in front of the stores was a set up from the Purcellville Fire House!!!!  A kids dream complete with the boots, pants and jacket for a certain little boy to try on.  After I made my drop off at the Dry Cleaners, over we went!!

A happy boy. . .and we added a new shiny red fireman hat to our fireman loot!  After finding out that he can join the volunteers in 11 more years, we went on our way, heading over to Home Depot, where I had promised that Aidan could try out the tractors (lawn tractors) as usual. 

But. . . .guess what we found there!?!?!?!?

You got it!  ANOTHER set up of Firemen!  This time, it was the Leesburg Fire Department giving kids a tour of the Tanker Truck. . .

It was really cold, so we didn't linger, but Aidan was some kind of happy!  A shiny Black Fireman Hat joined the loot. . .He jabbered all the way through the store and then all the way to Target. . .where there was nothing. . .but it didn't dampen Aidan's high spirits!!!

At Target, we discovered a great Potatoe and bacon soup that Aidan loved--three helpings of the tastings--so we bought several cans for later use.  We finished our business and headed home for some lunch.

At the Ice Rink, Aidan had Hockey Skills and, because it was the first Saturday of the Month, Mini Mites was skills class, too.  So, Aidan spent 2 1/2 hours on skills this week--with short games at the end of each session.  And he did awesome!!  The Ashburn Extreme coaches were there as was the manager of the entire Rink doing the coaching and instructing this time.  At the end, as per usual, Coach Joe came over and told Aidan how great he was doing, but also Coach Rob came over and made a special point of telling Aidan how awesome he did on charging ( a new skill he just picked up! and he's good, too!) on the ice and still controlling the puck.  Aidan was so excited he told me he wanted to go home and practice his stick skills some more. . .I just have to smile at the confidence this kid has gotten and how great he is doing!

After we got home, we did do a little work with the stick and puck, but it was cold outside and a bit blustery!  So, in we went to do our bath and have some dinner.  Then we headed down to the Rec Room to watch some TV and finish laundry. . .where I found Aidan has now mastered Mosby and gotten him to listen and lie still. . .with his head on Aidan's lap!

All in all, a really good day. 

Aidan is off school for the next two days (Quarter End and Election Day).  He'll be spending both days at Winwood and will then go back to school on Wednesday.  Meanwhile, I'll be happy when this years elections are done.  No more crazy phone calls or mail packed with fliers!!!  I just have to dodge them tonight. . .

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Shelly said...

Too funny about your post! We made a visit to the fire station last week. I have pictures of Annsley wearing fireman uniform!