Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mommy Freak Out Moments

Everybody has them.  The differ for each kid, depending on who they are and what they tend to do.  Admitedly, most of mine occur when Aidan is on the ice.  I see him fall and my heart goes into my throat.  But he is so padded up that he practically bounces.  And he gets up really fast too. . .so fast that I sometimes wonder if he actually fell! 

But there are other moments I don't get over as fast. 

Lately, Aidan has been showering on his own.  He's not really interested in baths anymore.  He has even insisted on big boy shampoo and big boy bar soap.  No more baby stuff for him!  I know it's inevitable and I even think I remember the same thing happening for me when I was his age.  But he's my baby, ya know???? 

At first I was allowed to stay in the room with him.  But, now I have been banished.  I am allowed to leave the door cracked open a little bit.  A Very Little Bit.  And, he has gotten used to yelling out wehn he drops the soap, "I'm okay!" in that kid voice that says "Don't freak, Mama, really, it's just the soap!" 

But, now we're on to a new big boy trend.  One I really am not liking at all, but am not at all sure what to do about it!!!  The Public Bathroom situation.

Aidan prefers. . .no, insists that I no longer accompany him to the bathroom.  He wants his privacy.  Okay.  I'm all about that!  But, does he have to insist on this when we're out in public and I can't send Daddy with him???? 

The first time it became an issue we were at Costco.  I had just finished checking out and had a cart filled to the brim with our purchases.  Aidan told me he had to go potty to which I said, okay, let's go.  Down the hall we went when all of a sudden, the little bugger ran into the Mens Room.  I was left standing there nervously pacing back and forth trying to see in without trying to see in, if you know what I mean.  An elderly couple had come up right behind us and the gentleman had gone into the Mens Room.  Realizing I was very nervous about the situation, he came out and told me Aidan was okay and that he was just washing his hands and would be out momentarily.  The gentlemans wife came out shortly after and they waited with me until Aidan came out.  I was grateful to them for being so kind. 

I did admonish Aidan to not do that again and explained that not everyone is nice (how to say this without saying what could happen???)  I don't want my son to live in fear, but I also want him to be prepared.  So, we did talk about good and bad touches and that because he is still small he will need to have me go with him if it is just me and him.  He doesn't like it one bit.  And keeps trying to go into the Mens Room at the Ice House by himself too.  He says the Mens Room is better because the toilets are on the wall and the flusher isn't as loud. . .hmmmmm. . . .  : )

But, I think he understood that Mama can't live with her heart in her throat all the time!


Troy and Rachel said...

Daniel insists on shutting me out of the bathroom at home now also. However, while he prefers showers he isn't the least bit interested in washing himself, so I end up doing it. As for the public bathrooms, we have an agreement that he goes with me (if Troy isn't available) but he can have his own stall and shut me out. I think I would have had a heart attacj if Daniel had run into the men's bathroom, then again, I might have just barged in after him!!! You're a brave Momma!!

Joy said...

We have a little similar issue with Anna. When Gerard has Anna out he only lets her go into bathrooms that are intended for a single person.

I once read about a little girl being molested in bathroom at a fast food restaurant while the father waited at the door. This is just too creepy for me.

Gerard also got into a big confrontation with a man standing at the urinal watching others going to the bathroom. He was pretending to go but just standing there fooling around with his zipper. You have met Gerard so you know it must have been pretty bad.

I like Rachel's idea. If he insists on using the mens room, I would wait until it was clear and not let anyone in until he was done. Yes I am that bold. Oh who are we kidding I would go right in the mens room with him. I think if you did that once he would not want you to do it again.